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10 Best Spark Plug Wires for Chevy 350 with Headers in 2023

Best Spark Plug Wires For Chevy 350

Spark plug wires carry a massive amount of charge potentials from the ignition coil to the spark plug of your engine.

As Chevy 350 is a widely popular engine model known for its ability to be rebuilt and modified with aftermarket parts and its simple design, many spark plug wires are available in the market for the engine.

Best Spark Plug Wires For Chevy 350

Good spark plug wires for chevy 350 with headers can increase the car’s gas mileage, ignition quality and decrease interference.

In this article, I will review some of the best spark plug wires for chevy 350, help you throughout the buying process, provide insights on the installation process of the spark plug wires, and things to consider while choosing the best spark plug wires for chevy 350 with headers.

What is the best spark plug wire for chevy 350?

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What Is The Best Spark Plug Wire For Chevy 350

The best spark plug wire for Chevy 350 is the well-reputed JDMSPEED New 10.5mm. There are many reasons to choose JDMSPEED new 10.5mm as the best spark plug wire for your chevy 350.

In general, the essential attributes that make a spark plug wire an excellent performer are high-performance energy delivery, maximum EMI and RFI noise suppression, solid insulation, consistent and fast potential voltage delivery to the spark plug from the ignition coil, etc.

In each of these sectors and other considerable features like ease of installation, longevity, aesthetic look, JDMSPEED new 10.5mm steals the show from most other general spark plug wires.

To ensure maximum safety of the core and proper insulation, JDMSPEED comes with high-temperature-resistant black boots, heavy-duty silicone jackets, along a heavy glass braid.

Key Features:

  • It comes to you in a ready install box and 90-degree boots on BOTH ends.
  • Spiral wound copper conductor core
  • 100% pure silicone insulator jacket
  • Universal Set for SBC & BBC Chevrolet Engines
  • Fits HEI distributor

Our Selected Top 10 spark plug wires for chevy 350 with headers Reviews in 2023

1. JDMSPEED New 10.5mm Spark Plug Wire

JDMSPEED New 10.5mm Spark Plug Wire

JDMSPEED is one of the largest automobile spare component manufacturers on the market. It is an all-rounder spark plug wire optimized in every sector where a spark plug wire needs to shine with performance. It seems to have cracked the problem of dealing with the two biggest challenges of producing quality spark plug wire with JDMSPEED New 10.5mm Spark Plug Wire: Achieving maximum conductivity with most minor interference.

This spark plug wire features a spiral-wound copper conductor core which provides highly efficient voltage conduction with meager resistance. It also has a 100% dielectric strength pure silicone insulator jacket in the outer cover, along with a heavy glass braid.Besides, it also features exceptionally high EMI suppression, 90⁰ boots on both ends. All these features make it one of the best plug wires for chevy 350 that money can buy.

Key Features:

  • Aftermarket high premium quality
  • Spiral wound copper conductor core
  • 100% pure silicone insulator jacket
  • Universal Set for SBC & BBC Chevrolet Engines
  • Fits HEI distributor

Reasons to buy:

  • Most substantial core construction and thick insulation makes sure you don’t have to replace this product very often as it will continue to provide top-notch performance throughout its lifespan.
  • It doesn’t matter if you are used to replacing engine parts or not; the easy installation process will make sure you get the job done without having any expert to help.
  • The wires are made by one of the leading spare part manufacturers on the market, so considering the brand, you can count on their commitment to providing a quality product.
  • High EMI and RFI suppression of this spark plug wire saves your digital devices from damage.
  • It is fit for different modifications and versions of your engine s. This comes in a universal set.


Extremely efficient conductor: One of the primary functions of a spark plug wire is to conduct high voltage from the ignition coil to spark plug with the least resistance to provide the highest quality sparks every time and prevents misfire and incomplete fuel combustion.

Safe insulation: 100% pure silicone insulator jacket protects the inner core from degradation, corrosion, and aberration. This ensures the long life span of the spark plug wire.

High EMI suppression: Usually, it’s challenging to provide more conductivity and high EMI and RFI suppression in the same component, but JDMSPEED ensures just that with JDMSPEED New 10.5mm Spark Plug Wire. It comes with both a premium quality conductor and an effective insulator that give you both good conductivity and noise suppression.

  • JDMSPEED new 10.5 mm has a spiral wound copper conductor core construction. Copper cores are famous for conducting charges through them most efficiently and quickly, while spiral wound core construction styles produce maximum mechanical resistance against charges leaking out of the wire and creating noises that can disturb the electronic devices in your vehicle. JDMSPEED gives you the best features to fulfill both of these duties swiftly.
  • Insulation is perhaps the most crucial concern next to conductivity while buying spark plug wires for customers. This is the case because of two reasons. First, quality insulation will protect the charge-carrying core from external dirt, oil, pollution, and most importantly, heat, something that can burn your wire and the most common reason for spark plug wires to go bad. Thick insulation can also give you protection from high levels of EMI and RFI suppression.
  • All of this together gives JDMSPEED a new 10.5 mm high dielectric strength insulator that provides maximum protection for the spark plug wire.
  • It has electronic Ignition HEI Wires which are known to be the best charge carriers for spark plugs. This means no charge is wasted while being transported from the ignition coil to the spark plug in the wire, the load on the ignition coil is reduced, and fuel economy improves in every stroke of the engine.
  • It is equipped with a universal design that guarantees compatibility with every SBC and BBC Chevrolet, no matter the modification and version. Among the majority of available spark plug wires on the market, this wire is one of the most compatible spark plug wires that you will likely find.
  • It comes to you in a ready install box and 90-degree boots on BOTH ends. This means you can intuitively understand the installation process and have no confusion about the success of the installation, as the 90-degree boots will let you know if the wires have been connected to the plugs and coil properly or not. It also is long enough to be run in any configuration that you want the wire to be in, and its color options allow you to make the view of the engine more beautiful.


  • Spiral wound copper conductor gives highly efficient conduction of charge. That means complete combustion of fuel, fewer misfires.
  • Dielectric strength insulator protects the core from extreme heat, dirt and ensures a prolonged lifespan of the spark plug wire.
  • Extremely high EMI suppression protects sensitive electrical devices and radio communication. Overall great for race cars and other high-end applications.
  • It comes with a universal set so it can be installed in a variety of aftermarket models.
  • Easy to install.


  • It’s longer than usual spark plug wires, which can be challenging to manage at times.
  • Comparatively more expensive.

2. MSD 32829

MSD 32829 Super Conductor Spark Plug Wire

MSD 32829 Super Conductor Spark Plug Wire Set with 8.5mm thickness and 12 inches length truly is one of the best spark plugs for chevy 350. It has unbelievably good EMI and RFI suppression and super high conductance, which is suitable for a balanced experience

MSD 32829 has measure resistance without electronic interference thanks to its copper alloy with less than 50 ohms per foot resistance and ferromagnetic core for EMI choke. 8.5mm synthetic/silicone jacket over an extra-heavy glass braid and dielectric insulator shields the spark plug wire from corrosion and degradation. All of these features make it one of the best spark plugs for chevy 350 out there.

Key Features:

  • Copper alloy core
  • Ferromagnetic core for EMI choke
  • 40 feet wire wounded into a single foot of wire
  • Heavy glass braid insulator
  • High-temperature boots, dual crimp stainless steel terminals with snap locks

Reasons to buy:

  • Installing this spark plug wire is highly intuitive as the dual cap terminals with snap-lock will instantly let you know when the plug wires are in a perfect fit.
  • Ferromagnetic core guarantees maximum EMI and RFI for your electrical component.
  • Copper core conductors are one of the best materials for spark plug wires which have been used in this product. So, you will get maximum energy into each spark.
  • Supreme conductivity of 50 ohms per foot gives you maximum energy in every spark and no misfires.
  • High glass braid – silicon insulation makes sure no external damage can compromise the performance of the product that you buy.


Resistance: Copper alloy core gives you 50 ohm per foot resistance. This is great for fuel economy as fuel burns entirely from a great spark, and the ignition coil stays healthy as a larger voltage isn’t required for a spark.

EMI and RFI suppression: Ferro-magnetic impregnated center core with extremely high suppression capability keeps the EMI and RFI inside the wire and protects surrounding electronic devices.

Construction: 40 feet of wire is wounded into a single foot of wire in this spark plug wire to achieve maximum conductance along with the most negligible EMI

Heat resistance: It can withstand very high temperatures because of synthetic-silicone insulators. Especially preferable if header plugs are situated very close to the spark plug wires.


  • Highly conductive, meaning very efficient fuel burning and spark. It also delivers the charge to the spark plug at a breakneck speed.
  • Massively suppresses EMI and RFI so best for vehicles with delicate digital devices that need to be saved from EMI and RFI.
  • Snap lock in dual terminals make installation very easy,and you can be confident that the parts won’t fall off with bumpy use.
  • Heavy glass braid silicone shielding protects the core and increases the longevity of the spark plug wire.


  • The wires are about 1″ longer than stock, so they might be difficult to place inside the engine.
  • Comparatively more expensive than other general models.

3. JDMSPEED High Performance:

JDMSPEED High Performance Spark Plug

JDMSPEED High-Performance Spark Plug Ignition Wire is exclusively fitting for 2000-2009 CHEVY GMC V8 or similar models. They are one of the best options if you are looking for an OEM replacement spark plug wire. These wires are great at performing in extreme heat, so they are suitable for aggressive use.

The spark plug wires are 10.2 mm long. It has a spiral wound core that provides mechanical resistance against EMI and RFI. High silicone-coated outer layer ensures that maximum charge is passed through the wire without getting damaged by outside impacts, and no charge is wasted.

Key Features:

  • Ultra Low Resistance KEVLAR Core
  • High Strength Silicone Boots
  • 10.2mm Spiral Wound Design

Reasons to buy:

  • You get every desirable function that a good spark plug wire is expected to have at a very reasonable price
  • Its superior KEVLAR core provides fast conductivity of voltage potentials to the piston-cylinder spark plug
  • For OEM replacement plug wires, it is hard to find a model better than these
  • You can use these aggressively in extreme conditions because of high strength insulation
  • Lightweight design makes the load on the engine go down


Lightweight Design: 11.7 ounces weight of the spark plug wires mean it doesn’t increase the load on the engine.

Warranty: One year warranty gives you worry-free use in every situation, no matter how much power your engine needs to work through.

Security: Heat-resistant boots, sleeves, and terminals make sure every joint of the spark plug wire is protected from dangers. Usually, spark plug wires are the most vulnerable at joints.

Construction: Core with twisted construction gives inherent mechanical resistance against electromagnetic interferences.


  • Easy to install for anyone with any level of experience with handling engines.
  • Great value for money with a warranty of quality service.
  • Extremely thick insulator ensuring maximum protection of wires and high RFI suppression.
  • Less expensive compared to competitors.


  • Over prolonged use, you may need to make sure they are in place without getting loosened.

4. Vkinman High-Performance 10.2MM

Vkinman 10.2MM Spark Plug Wire

Vkinman High-Performance 10.2MM is one of the easiest to install spark plug wires available on the market, and also, it is appropriate for the widest variety of chevy models. It is one of the best plug wires for chevy 350.

The product’s end caps resemble OE products and hence click into place particularly easily. This is specially designed to provide a robust and secure connection by making sure the boots and wires are always connected. This cable is well equipped to provide high performance in extreme heat conditions with a 10.2 mm spiral-wound design that also suppresses RFI and EMI. It can withstand temperatures ranging from -40˚F to 420˚F.

Key Features:

  • Solid boots and end caps
  • 10.2 mm spiral core
  • Silicone cover jacket

Reasons to buy:

  • The terminals of these wires fit perfectly on the spark plugs and ignition coils, so no matter how much pressure is exerted on the spark plug wires, they are not going to come off or get loose
  • If you live in an area where the temperature fluctuates a lot over the course of a year, then this product is best for you because it can tolerate temperature from a range of -40˚F to 420˚F
  • As previously said, it comes with a guarantee for a lifetime which is always reassuring, and with genuinely excellent customer service, you won’t have a hard time claiming your warranty should the necessity come
  • It has a special EPDM covering jacket, which ensures extra insulation and protection against degradation
  • These are less likely to burn because a shorter design accommodates them into a smaller space, protecting them from touching other hot components


Insulation: High-quality silicone jackets and EPDM covering make sure the core wire is protected from all types of external damages. It makes it durable for long-term use.

Heat resistance: Excellent heat tolerance even for a more extended period of heat exposure so that it won’t burn even in hot climates

Compatibility: Very similar constructions to OE parts of chevy 350, so it will easily be suited to the overall system along with other aftermarket modifications

Adaptability: Broad range temperature resistance makes it suitable to work in regions where the temperature tends to fall and rise over the course of a day.


  • It can work in very hot conditions, so if your engine is running hot for some reason, it won’t collapse easily.
  • Very convenient to install, and the terminals never go loose, so you have never had to worry about leaks from boots and end caps.
  • Lifetime guarantee and fantastic customer support make the overall experience pleasant
  • Insulation made of silicones works excellent to protect the wire from different forms of pollutions and damages


  • Some boxes have short wires, so best to check the box before purchasing

5. MAS 8.5mm Performance Spark Plug Ignition Wires

MAS 8.5mm Performance Spark Plug Ignition Wires

MAS 8.5mm Performance Spark Plug Ignition Wires is designed for higher fuel mileage. Its thick copper wire core provides excellent conduction and requires less voltage to give you the best spark while also maintaining good RFI suppression by the insulator.

Like other spark plugs, It also has an Ultra-Low resistance KEVLAR core and ultra-high-strength and temperature resistant covering. However, It is more pleasing to the eye when in operation.

Key Features:

  • 8.5mm Spiral Wound Design
  • Ultra Low Resistance KEVLAR Core
  • High Temp. Silicone Boots and Sleeve

Reasons to buy:

  • It is less prone to burning out efficiently because of thick insulation
  • More dense copper core conducts voltage potential very efficiently to the spark plug, making sure fuel is burnt completely, and fuel economy remains good
  • It has higher RFI and EMI interference protection,so your sensitive digital components and engine computers won’t be affected by the high voltage traveling through the wire
  • Reasonably cheap for the quality of service provided
  • Can work in both extremely hot and cold conditions without compromising performance


Energy efficiency: Thicker copper wire provides higher ignition energy every time you start the engine, so fuel is burnt entirely, and your machine is never hesitant to soar

Fuel mileage: MAS 8.5 mm spark plug wire is designed such that it can perform with a higher fuel mileage than other alternative spark plug wires. It uses a thicker, more pureKEVLAR spirally wound copper core to carry most of the charges without any waste

Easy install: Ready for Install Straight out of the box, so you don’t need to worry about having to spend too much time installing the wires

Low interference: High EMI and  RFI Suppression maintained by spiral wound construction and high-quality insulation, and as more colorful and quality material is used for insulation, it also gives the wires an aesthetic look


  • Fuel is saved because the best quality conductor hits the fuel with the best spark quality for complete combustion
  • Excellent insulation from Electromagnetic and radio frequency interferences, as well as external pollutions
  • The strong covering protects plug wires from damage
  • The price range is very reasonable for economic buyers


  • It might be too long for some setups in length

6. SAILEAD 10.5mm Spark Plug Wire

SAILEAD 10.5mm Spark Plug Wire

The OEM-rated SAILEAD 10.5mm Spark Plug Wires are a great option for your vehicles as they are designed to improve the combustion process and enhance overall engine performance.

It has a spiral wound copper core, 90-degree HEI style boots, 10.5 mm dimension, Universal set, which is used for a wide variety of models. The wires have a high dielectric strength insulator and heavy glass braid. It is then topped with heavy-duty silicone jackets and high-temperature black boots to resist damage from external damages.

Key Features:

  • 10.5mm High-Performance Racing Spark Plug
  • 100% pure silicone insulator outer layer
  • Universal Set for SBC & BBC Chevrolet Engines


Compatibility: Electronic Ignition HEI Plug Wires that are specially designed for Chevy models, including chevy 350.

Warranty: Lifetime replacement guarantee from the manufacturer along with very responsive customer care service.

High-quality boot ends: 90 Degree HEI Style Boots on Distributor with Straight Spark Plug Boots to provide strength to the connection between spark plug and ignition.

Core construction: Spiral-Wound Copper Conductor core carries high amounts of charge potential voltage twice  faster than alternative materials.

Insulation: High dielectric strength insulator and heavy glass braid insulates the core chevy 350 spark plug wire from dirt, damage, and corrosion.


  • The thick layer of insulation protects the wire from heat and dirt.
  • Spiral wound copper core ensures maximum voltage transmission without wasting voltage.
  • Extends the lifespan of the engine.


  • A little bit expensive compared to others.

7. Anxingo 10.5 MM High-Performance Spark Plug Wire

Anxingo10.5 MM Spark Plug Wire

Anxingo 10.5 MM High-Performance Spark Plug Wire is a premium quality spark plug wire option for your vehicle. The trusted brand value of Anxingo guarantees quality control as it features excellent benefits for the money.

It has a Universal set for SBC & BBC Chevrolet engines, Electronic ignition HEI plug wires, 90-degree boots on one end, and high-performance ignition wires.

Key Features:

  • Spiral-wound copper conductor
  • High dielectric strength insulator
  • 100% pure silicone insulator outer layer


Compatibility: Universal set for SBC & BBC Chevrolet engines makes it compatible with a wide range of models and versions.

Easy installation: 90-degree boots on one end make installation super easy, even for someone with no prior experience.

Adaptability: 10.5mm wires length give you the option to construct the route of the wire through the engine that is suitable for you.

Insulation: Heavy-duty silicone jackets and high-temperature black boot protect the spark plug wire core from external pollution.


  • Excellent insulation protects the flow of voltage potentials being abrupted by dirt and debris.
  • Excellent and efficient voltage conduction with minimum waste because of meager resistance.
  • Very low EMI and RFI to save the vital computing devices in the engine and in your car.
  • Excellent heat tolerance to perform equally well in extremely hot weathers and around header plugs.


  • Boots can be hard to fit into the terminals.

8. JEGS 40210 8.0mm

JEGS 40210 8.0mm Red Hot Pow'r Wires

JEGS 40210 8.0mm is a great Small block chevy over valve cover set for your engine. It has a 90-degree HEI Distributor, 90-degree Plug Terminals,Dielectric Grease, Wire markers, and Wire separators.

JEGS 40210 is a spark plug wire model that is specially designed for small block chevy. So, it is one of the most compatible models for chevy 350 in terms of longevity performance.

Key Features:

  • Coil-in-Cap system
  • It does not utilize an external coil wire
  • 8.0mm Red Hot Pow’r Wires


Low interference: RFI suppression is equal to that of OE carbon conductor wire but with 1/10th the resistance.

Joint Insulation: Spark plug boots and outer jackets are made of heat-resistant silicone to protect from extreme heats, and engines with header plugs.

Construction: A fiberglass reinforcing braid separates the two outer jacket layers for added pull strength.

Body insulation: EPDM/Silicone Jacketed to resist high temperature, fuels & oils from entering the core of the spark plug wire and damage the structure.

Resistance: Unique wire composition lowers resistance to 350 ohms per foot to provide intertwined power delivery to the spark plug.


  • Very cost-efficient. If you are low on budget and want to buy a quality product that will do the job without spending too much on spark plug wires, this is your choice.
  • Resistance to extreme heat prevents it from melting or causing problems when your engine runs for an extended period of time
  • It comes with various functional extra components, which makes life a lot easier as a customer


  • Comparatively less conductivity compared to its alternatives

9. Taylor Cable 51006 Spark Plug Wire

Taylor Cable 51006 Spark Plug Wire

Taylor Cable 51006 Spark Plug Wire has a high oil-resistant insulator, which makes it durable against oil or chemical spill. The main focus of the construction has been on making it strong against dirt, heat, and damages. This makes its lifespan incredibly long but at the cost of higher cost than other spark plug wires.

The spark plug wire features a resistance level of 500ohms, heat withstanding ability of up to 800-degree Fahrenheit, and comes with boot end angles of 90 degrees, 145 degrees, and 180 degrees. It has been one of the oldest options for chevy 350 from the beginning of production.

Key Features:

  • 500-Ohm per foot resistance Kevlar helically Spiro wound core conductor
  • Synthetic silicone double layer jacketing
  • Double locking spring terminals


Low interference: Premium level resistance to RFI and EMI provides protection against electromagnetic noises from interfering with electrical signals used in the electronic devices in your vehicle

High power delivery: Efficient voltage delivery to the spark plug saves fuel, increases the lifespan of the ignition coil, and stops misfirings

High efficiency: The high-quality ignition wire can conduct potential voltage charges without wasting voltage to the wire resistance


  • Consistently provides excellent conductivity throughout the product’s life span without gradual degradation
  • It has double locks in its terminals along with springs that means installing the product is super easy, and vibration-proof connections
  • Double layered insulation of silicone protects the core wire from degradation and abrasion over a long period of use
  • It has unique oil-resistant designs so no unwanted oil, grease, or dirt can enter the core and affect the performance


  • You might need to modify them to fit into your chevy 350 or on few other models

10. ADP Spark Plugs Wires Sets Ignition Cables

ADP Spark Plugs Wire

ADP Spark Plugs Wires Sets Ignition Cables are excellent replacements for the original ones. They are made to provide the same wear resistance and anti-corrosion performance. They are by default fit to be used directly in several modified models of chevy 350 and other versions.

The material of the spark plug wire is copper. It is 8 mm thick, giving solid insulation to the core. Finally, this comes with an 18-month warranty. So, you can get replacements if anything goes wrong within the time period.

Key Features:

  • Made with ABS plastic and rubber
  • Perfect fitting with custom-designed boot end terminals
  • High copper core conductivity


Compatibility: ADP Spark Plugs Wires Sets have a universal design made to fit in a wide range of engine models and aftermarket modifications.

Efficient Power Delivery: It solves low power issues on the engine by providing improved engine efficiency. The spark plug wire carries enough spark to the plug using a relatively low amount of voltage potential.

Conductivity: Copper core conductor makes the voltage transport from the ignition coil to spark plug very smooth and provides maximum fuel combustion and fuel economy.

Material quality: High quality ABS plastic is used in the wire, so it’s friendly for the environment, more resistant to extreme heats.


  • These are manufactured while keeping a suitable mechanism in mind. SO, they are unbelievably easy to install, and they fit incredibly to both terminals. It is unlikely that these will fall off or turn loose with time.
  • It can tolerate heats up to 550-degree Fahrenheit, so you won’t have to worry about spark plug wires going bad when its hot outside and the engine is also getting hot from a more extended period of use.
  • It is lightweight compared to other spark plug wires of a similar price range, so the load is less on the engine.
  • 8 mm thickness provides excellent insulation to keep maximum charge in the wire core. It also reduces noise leak and protects the core from any sort of damage.


  • Dimension measurements can have errors up to 3 cm for manual measurement.

spark plug wires for chevy 350 with headers Buying Guide

Spark Plug Wires For Chevy 350 Reviews


The benefit of the chevy 350 model is that its construction is easily compatible with almost all of the aftermarket spare parts on the market.

And most spark plug wires can be modified according to your need if you know the use of simple tools like wire separators or markers.

Most manufacturers keep the design of the chevy 350 in mind as a prototype while making spark plug wires, so compatibility shouldn’t be the source of your worries

Ease of installation

All of the models mentioned in this article come with an out of the box easy installation, so you will not need any assistance to install any of these.

Snap lock technology, Dual boot terminals are supposed to make the installation process more intuitive, so if you find them on any spark plug wire then you can get assured that installation of the plug wire will not be difficult


The durability of a spark plug wire mostly depends on the material and thickness of insulation.  Any spark plug wire with heavy glass braids topped with a silicone jacket ensures the best quality insulation.

Some spark plug wires even have EPDM insulation which truly takes insulation to the next level. Usually, insulation of 8mm is enough for daily use, but if you use your vehicle aggressively,anything 10 mm will be more than enough.

Number and Length of Spark Plug Wire: Most of the spark plug wires come with a box of 8 spark plug wires.

That’s precisely the number of spark plug wires you are supposed to need a few also provide additional two spark plug wires because having a couple of spares around can’t hurt you.

Heat tolerance

Heat tolerance can be an essential factor for spark plug wires as the most common way of spark plug wires going wrong is by getting burnt from the heat of exhaust manifolds or header plugs.

Note: Any spark plug wire that can resist more than 300 F is usually safe for everyday functions.

If you use a header plug and want to make sure your spark plug wires don’t get damaged if the radiator starts failing, you can consider spark plug wires with better insulation and heat withstanding ability of up to 500 F.

These factors will help you find the spark plug wires for chevy 350 with headers

What is a Header Plug?

A header plug is an aftermarket addition (electrical connector.) to the exhaust system of the engine of a car. The goal of a header is to reduce the back pressure from the exhaust system of the machine.

What is a Header Plug

In the power stroke stage of a four to eight-cylinder engine, gas burns and expands to create exhaust fume gas as the residue of the combustion process. Usually, exhaust manifolds are used to transport hot burnt-up gas produced by combustion from piston cylinders to the outside.

But the drawback of an exhaust manifold is that when gas from one cylinder enters the exhaust manifold, that resists gases from other cylinders from entering the cylinder at that moment.

As a result, gas accumulates in cylinders, and no further combustion occurs unless the gas produced from one cylinder gets out of the exhaust manifold.

In this way, time and fuel are wasted, and backpressure is created on the engine. The engine can’t perform as per its peak capability.

A header plug has equal-length pipes for all of the piston cylinders. So, gases from all piston cylinders don’t reach the exhaust manifold at the same time.

The gas accumulated in the exhaust manifold gets enough time to be released to the catalytic converter and muffler pipe before gas from another piston-cylinder shows up.

In this way, no time and fuel is wasted in the meantime. The engine can perform continuously without waiting for the gas in the exhaust manifold to be released. So, performance is boosted, and Horsepower is increased.

Adding a header plug to your car may also increase the torque and RPM of the system by the same process.

How do you protect spark plug wires from headers?

How Do You Protect Spark Plug Wires From Headers

If you run headers in your cars, you may have encountered the problem of spark plug wires getting burnt from the heat of header plugs. However, it can indeed be prevented. By taking a set of easy and small actions, you can stop it.

First, it’s a good idea to cover the boots of your plugs with fiberglass as they protect the terminals from heat.

Then you can put an extra sleeve on the wire body to give it an extra layer of protection.

Lastly, to ensure the wires do not burn, you might want to tie the cables around the AIR tube instead of letting it get near the headers. AIR tubes are not nearly as hot as headers so that they won’t burn.

Here’s a video tutorial on how to add fiberglass and extra sleeves to your spark plug and where to get them from.

How to run spark plug wires under headers?

You can do a few things to achieve this goal without burning the wires. First, buy yourself one unit of protecting sleeves for the cables.

For the hard-to-manage wires, as they tend to go everywhere in the engine and touch everything they are not supposed to touch, lashing wire works best to keep them in place.

Join the wire to spark plug wires with tapes. Electrical tapes are recommended for that. Wire loom tapes could work as well. After you are done with that, cover the main body of your spark plug with a protective sleeve.

You can fix the position of the wire in your engine cabinet through this method. Finally, use the old ramshorn exhaust brackets at the end of the block to maintain the components aligned and the run-up to the distributor or mag.

If you can’t afford lashing wires made out of stainless steel then you might choose to use a welding rod. Let’s bend it precisely the way you want the cables to run.

On the first plug, start measuring from 2 inches down the top, and from there, make a decent bend. In the next step, tape the wire to the rod. Then, bend the rod to clear anything that might be obstructing it. Finally, to cover the rod and tape, apply the sleeve all over the wire.

If you are using clamps and wire separators, consider taking a Dremel tool and make a bit of space. Doing so will keep the four wires in the proper configuration to not contact the header.

To keep everything straight, Bolt-on the clamps. If you choose the correct distributor cap, the process gets immaculate and tidy. In this way, you can complete your chevy 350 spark plug wire routing.

How to remove spark plugs with headers?

How To Remove Spark Plugs With Headers

To remove spark plugs with headers, you need to use a combination of wrench and ratchet.

For most of the plugs, you can get the plug from up top with a wrench of a diameter that fits the boot of the plug.

One or two plugs can be difficult to get from above if your hands are bigger; you can go down under the car and twist the plugs from the socket as you do in regular spark plugs without a header.

Your life will be significantly easy if you have a spark plug socket with a hex end. The process of removing the spark plug wire itself isn’t a lot different from regular spark plugs without headers. You twist it with a wrench and pull it out.

How to keep headers from burning plug wires

Anyone who uses header plugs in their cars knows the struggle to keep the spark plug wires from melting from the heat of headers and other engine components.

Like everything good in life, that extra horsepower from headers also comes at a tradeoff: Taking up space in the engine compartment. Even though it may seem complicated, you can easily protect your wires from burning with a few easy steps and tools.

First of all, it is best to buy a spark plug wire with higher resistance to heat and thicker insulation to ensure its performance isn’t compromised in hot conditions.

The temperature inside the engine can go up even without headers at times. Now coming to the main issue of wires touching the pipes of headers, you can do a couple of things to remedy that.

Start with covering the boots of your spark plug wires with fiberglass material is the easiest step you take to decrease the risk of wires getting burnt. You can find them at any hardware store where car accessories are sold and highly cheap.

Secondly, you can cover the body of the spark plug wire with insulation sleeves. These will resist most of the heat produced from the headers and protect your spark plug wires from unshielded heat radiations from the header pipes.

Moreover, you can also install steel frames and lashing wires to fix the spark plug wires’ positions so that they do not come in contact with the header plugs. You can do this on your own by watching a few online tutorials, or you can take help from any mechanic you know with the installation.

How to install spark plug wire heat shields

Do high-performance spark plug wires make a difference?

A good spark plug wire is essential to provide the engine with enough power when it starts, to make a vehicle fuel-efficient, to prevent misfires, and to protect delicate electronic devices prone to interference from high voltage potentials flowing through the spark plug wire.

So, high-performance spark plug wires can help you to maintain the overall health of your engine.

While you can probably make your ends meet with a regular spark plug wire for daily street application, if you use a header in your car, operate the vehicle in a hot climate, or tend to use the engine in maximum capacity, high-performance spark plug wires will help your vehicle maintain a healthy engine life.

How to install spark plug wires on a Chevy?

#Step 1: Get eye and hand protection. Safety is always the first and foremost concern, so never forget to wear safety equipment

#Step 2:  Make sure the engine isn’t hot. The exhaust manifold adjacent to the spark plug wires will be extremely hot if the engine had been running before replacement so keep the engine turned off for a while to cool the engine down before starting.

#Step 3:  Twist and pull the two terminals of the spark plug wire to remove the old wire. They are designed to be mounted and dismounted in this method. This should come off quickly.

#Step 4:  Take the new spark plug wire and apply some dielectric grease inside the two terminals of the spark plug wire. It will make sure no moisture can’t get in or accumulate inside the terminals, and so it will be easy to take off down the line.

#Step 5: Push the top terminal onto the coil, listen for a *click* sound from the junction, and once you hear it, twist it a little. Tug it around gently to make sure it doesn’t fall off the right way.

#Step 6: Insert the bottom terminal (the one with the heavier shielding) straight to the spark plug without forcing any part of it anywhere it doesn’t want to go. As it contains porcelain inside, some parts of it may break if you apply force in the wrong way. Push around gently and listen for the *click* sounds again, and once you hear it, you can twist and tug it a bit to make sure it’s been firmly attached to the spark plug.

Repeat the process with all of the spark plugs, and you will replace spark plug wires in your vehicles in no time.



Copper/Nickel spark plug is the most abundant and cheapest type of spark plug available. It’s made of a copper core surrounded by an alloy of nickel and copper.

ngk copper spark plugs
Copper spark plugs

Copper is an excellent conductor of charge, but it cannot shield EMI and RFI that well. That’s why Nickel alloy is used as an insulator to protect it from damage and shield EMI and RFI.

But as it’s very soft, it gets worn out faster than other plug wires. So, it needs to be replaced every 20-30k miles.


Platinum spark plugs are much harder than Nickel spark plugs. They have higher melting points and hold their sharp edges for a longer time than other spark plugs.

Platinum spark plugs
Platinum spark plugs

These features make them perform better in the long run and gives them the ability to tolerate heat better.


Iridium spark plugs are one of the best Spark plug types as it is much harder than platinum. It has a high amount of melting point of 700°.

Iridium spark plugs
Iridium spark plugs

Iridium spark plugs have fine wire center electrodes that conduct electrical energy better and increase firing efficiency.


Silver Is the Best Conductor of Thermal Heat & Electricity. It is the strongest spark plug available with its superior ignition ability.

It also requires less voltage to ignite the spark, so it is best for high-end applications like racing cars and modified engines.

What are the symptoms of bad spark plug wires & when to change?

After a long time of use, sparks plug wires can wear out and give a low performance. When a spark plug wire starts degrading, it shows some symptoms.

For example, Hard starting, engine misfire, engine surging, reduced engine power, rough engine idling, engine hesitation, check engine light.

Once you see one or more of these symptoms, it’s a good idea to check the spark plug wires with and if it’s not performing as expected, replacing the spark plug wire is the best thing to do.

You can visually inspect the leads of wires for physical damage, turn on the engine and check for electrical leaks by looking for spark noises around the spark plug wires, carry out the ignition lead resistance test, cross-check the spark plugs wire connections and routing to get an idea about the condition of the spark plug wires in your vehicle.

People Also Asked

#1. Does it matter what spark plug wires you use?

Choosing a quality spark plug wire for your engine is essential to maintaining the vehicle’s optimum performance.  A bad spark plug wire can significantly hamper the power, acceleration, and perhaps most importantly, your automobile’s fuel economy.

A good spark plug can save your vehicle’s electronic devices from harmful Electromagnetic interference (EMI) or radio frequency interference (RFI). Such noises can wreak havoc on radio communications and damage sensitive electronic equipment.

#2. What are the spark plug wires called?

Spark plug wires are also known as High tension leads or high-tension cables, or spark plug cables. The “tension” refers to the high voltage potential that the wire conducts to the spark plug.

#3. What are the best spark plug wires to use?

  • JDMSPEED New 10.5mm
  • MSD 32829
  • JDMSPEED High Performance  
  • Vkinman High-Performance 10.2MM
  • MAS 8.5mm Performance Spark Plug Ignition Wires

#4. How many years do spark plug wires last?

Ideally, the spark plug wires should be changed every 60,000 miles to 100,000 miles. At the end of its life span, a spark plug wire can leak high voltages into the surrounding components of an engine.

That can cause severe problems like arcing, performance degradation, and even ignition component failure. So, it is a wise decision to change chevy spark plug wires before it completely wears out.

#5. Does changing spark plug wires improve performance?

Even though spark plug wire doesn’t directly add significant Horsepower to the vehicles, it can improve build quality and protect essential engine components from degradation.

EMI and RFI noises created from the high voltage potentials in the ignition coil can leak out and severely damage other parts of a vehicle. A quality chevy spark plug wire will suppress the interference and increase the longevity of the vehicle components.

#6. How long does NGK Spark plug wires last?

Typically, NGK Spark plug wires are expected to last around 60k-80k miles in an unaltered motor. Instead of a carbon core, they use winding wires, so their resistance is not supposed to increase with time.

NGK predicts the performance of these spark plug wires to last at least 40-50k miles. However, that prediction was made keeping extreme conditions like heat, pollution, and voltages in mind.

Usually, automobiles do not experience such harsh conditions, so you can expect them to last longer than that prediction. Instead, if the plug wires are monitored for dirt and grease and cleaned regularly, then the spark plug wires can stay around 100k miles.

#7. Do spark plug wires add Horsepower?

Spark plug wires cannot add significant Horsepower to the vehicle. However, it is essential to note that a good spark plug wire can help your car maintain its expected peak performance horsepower.

This is especially true for older vehicle models where improved technologies do not automatically ensure every bit of fuel is efficiently burnt.

Consistently good sparks from a suitable spark plug can create a difference of one to two percent of Horsepower in such cases. It is better to think of it as simply maintaining the peak horsepower that your car can offer instead of adding more of it.

#8. Does changing spark plug wires make a difference?

Yes, replacing a worn-out, damaged chevy spark plug wire will improve the performance of the car. A bad spark plug wire needs a higher voltage potential to create a good spark which causes strain on the components of the ignition system.

It also compromises fuel economy, and it can significantly increase EMI and RFI noises which are bad for radio communications and delicate electronic devices in the car. Good chevy spark plug wires will increase the efficiency of your car and protect sensitive components.

#9. Will bad spark plug wires throw a code?

Yes, lousy spark plug wires can throw a code. Bad spark plug wires create a misfire in engines. The sensors in the engine send information about the misfire to the engine’s computer, which produces a code to turn on the check engine light. If there is a flashing engine light, then it means that the misfire can damage the catalytic converter.

#10. What’s better, 7mm or 8mm spark plug wires?

8mm spark plug wires have an extra mm of insulation compared to 7 mm wires. This allows for a thicker core which translates into lower resistance and slightly better performance.

Moreover, the fundamental goal of having a thicker insulator is to protect the wire from damage and suppress the inferences created by the massive potential inside the wire.

#11. Can bad spark plug wires cause overheating?

As spark plug wires wear out, their resistance increases, and it requires a higher voltage from the ignition coil to bridge the gap in the spark plug. This causes additional strain on the coil that can contribute to overheating.

However, it may not be a significant enough factor to create noticeable overheating on its own. But it is a risk for ignition coil failure.

#12. Are expensive spark plug wires worth it?

Purchase of any chevy spark plug wire set should be made keeping the purpose in mind. While it is always a good idea to go for trusted brands while buying spark plug wires, premium expensive spark plug wires are mostly designed to provide the best performance in extreme condition, high-end applications.

If you plan to apply them in such an environment, then expensive spark plug wires will be a wise option in the longer run. For day-to-day use, you can choose from various very efficient, quality spark plug wires available on the market.


In this article, I have tried our best to inform you about the nature of applications of spark plug wires and things to consider while you search for the best spark plug wires for chevy 350.

Choosing a spark plug wire for your car can be dilemmatic considering the options and various factors involved, but once you are clear about your priorities and the wires that are best suited to your needs are laid in front of you in the list, you will be able to make the best decision for your car.

Hopefully, you were helped by our effort and will be able to buy the best spark plug wires for chevy 350. Best of luck!


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