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Dunlop D401 Vs D402: Unveiling the Ultimate Tire Showdown

Difference Between Dunlop D401 and D402

The d401 features a robust construction with a bias-ply design, providing great stability and handling on the road.

It also offers excellent grip and traction in both wet and dry conditions. On the other hand, the d402 is a radial tire known for its smooth and comfortable ride.

The Dunlop d401 and d402 are two different tire models designed for motorcycles. When it comes to the Dunlop d401 vs d402 comparison, both tires offer excellent performance and durability for motorcycle riders.

Dunlop D401 Vs D402; comparison

Let’s compare Dunlop D401 vs D402:

AspectDunlop D401Dunlop D402
Tire TypeFront TireTouring tire
ModelD 401D 402
ApplicationCruiser, Harley DavidsonCruiser, Harley-Davidson
Tire PositionRearFront and Rear
Tread PatternComputer-optimized tread patternDeep-cut and computer-optimized groove and siping
Size OptionsVarious sizes availableAvailable in various sizes
MileageKnown for long-lasting tread lifeImpressive mileage on long-distance tours
Sidewall DesignNot specifiedNot specified
Harley-Davidson FitCompatible with Harley-Davidson bikesCompatible with Harley-Davidson bikes

What Is A D401 Tire?

Dunlop D401 Vs D402

The Dunlop D401’s tire is a specific model of motorcycle tire manufactured by Dunlop. It is designed primarily for cruiser-style motorcycles and is often used on Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The D401 is known for its performance, longevity, and compatibility with Harley-Davidson bikes.

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What Is The Best Dunlop Motorcycle Tire?

The “best” Dunlop motorcycle tire can vary depending on the specific needs and preferences of the rider, as well as the type of motorcycle and riding style.

However, the Dunlop American Elite is a highly regarded stock tire in Dunlop’s lineup, especially for Harley-Davidson touring motorcycles.

Are Dunlop Harley Tires Good?

Yes, Dunlop Harley tires are well-regarded and known for their quality and performance. One of the key advantages of Dunlop Harley tires is that they are “tire made” to match the requirements of Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Is The Dunlop D402f A Front Or Rear Tire?

The Dunlop D402F is a front tire designed for motorcycles, specifically Harley-Davidson models. It’s often chosen as a replacement for the front wheel when riders are in need of a new tire for their Harley-Davidson touring machines.

What Is The Difference Between R And B Tires?

Difference Between R And B Tires

The difference between “R” and “B” tires often lies in their intended use. “R” typically denotes a rear tire, while “B” may signify “bias-ply.”

For instance, a “touring tire” could be labeled “R” for rear use, while a “Sportster” might benefit from both “R” and “B” tires to suit its specific needs.

Which Is Better: D or R Tires?

The choice between “D” (front) and “R” (rear) tires depends on your motorcycle’s specific requirements. Both play essential roles in ensuring balanced handling and safety.

Are Dunlop D404 Tires Tubeless?

Yes, Dunlop D404 tires are available in tubeless versions, providing added convenience and safety by reducing the risk of sudden air loss due to tube punctures.

Dunlop D401 vs. D402 Specs

The D401 is known for cruiser longevity, while the D402 offers improved grip and performance for Harley-Davidson touring. Choose based on your bike’s needs.

Dunlop K591 vs. D401

The K591 is sportier with better cornering, while the D401 excels in cruiser and touring comfort. Your choice depends on your riding style.

Dunlop D401 vs. American Elite

The D401 is a solid cruiser choice, while the American Elite is renowned for exceptional mileage and durability on Harley-Davidson touring bikes.

Dunlop D402 vs. D404

Both offer longevity for cruisers, but the D404 differs in tread pattern design. Select based on your preferred tread and ride style.

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Dunlop D401T vs. D401

The D401T is tubeless, offering convenience and safety. Choose it for added puncture resistance compared to the standard D401.

Dunlop D401 vs. D404

Both are cruiser tires, but the D404 has a unique tread design. Consider the tread pattern that suits your riding needs.

Dunlop D407 vs. D407T

Both are for Harley-Davidson touring bikes. The “T” indicates tubeless, offering puncture resistance compared to the standard D407. Choose based on your preference for tubeless or not.

Is Dunlop D 401T Tubeless?

Is Dunlop D 401T Tubeless?

Yes, the “T” designation in Dunlop D401T indicates that it is a tubeless motorcycle tire. Tubeless tires offer convenience and added safety by reducing the risk of sudden air loss due to tube punctures.

Is Dunlop American Made?

Dunlop is a brand known for its global presence, and its tires are manufactured in various locations worldwide.

While Dunlop has a significant presence in the United States, the specific manufacturing location of a Dunlop tire can vary depending on the model and type.

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What Is the Best Dunlop Motorcycle Tire?

The “best” Dunlop motorcycle tire depends on your specific needs and riding style. Dunlop offers a wide range of motorcycle tires, each designed for different purposes and riding conditions.

Popular models include the Dunlop American Elite for touring and the Dunlop Sportmax Q3+ for sport riding.

Is Dunlop a Premium Tire?

Dunlop is considered a better tire brand and offers a range of premium tires known for their quality and performance.

However, the perception of whether a Dunlop tire is “premium” can vary depending on individual preferences and specific tire models.

Are Dunlop Tires Japanese?

In 1999, Sumitomo and Goodyear teamed up. Sumitomo kept making Dunlop tires in Japan, while Goodyear purchased 75% of Sumitomo’s tire operations in Europe and North America.

What Is a Dunlop D402?

The Dunlop D402 is a motorcycle tire designed primarily for Harley-Davidson touring motorcycles. It is known for its durability, mileage, and suitability for long-distance rides. The D402 is a popular choice among Harley-Davidson riders.

How Long Do Dunlop Tyres Last?

How Long Do Dunlop Tyres Last?

Dunlop tires are designed to last between 40,000 to 60,000 miles (64,000 to 96,000 kilometers) under typical driving conditions. However, some high-performance or specialized tires may have a shorter lifespan.

Dunlop D402 White Wall

The Dunlop D402 is available in a white wall version. White wall tires have a distinctive white stripe or band on the sidewall, adding a classic and stylish look to a motorcycle. They are often chosen for their aesthetic appeal, particularly on cruiser-style bikes.

Dunlop D402 Size

The Dunlop D402 tire comes in various sizes to fit different Harley-Davidson models and other cruiser motorcycles.

The specific size you need depends on your motorcycle’s specifications, and you can typically find the size information printed on the tire’s sidewall.

Dunlop D402 MU85B16

The “MU85B16” designation on a Dunlop D402 tire refers to its size and specifications. In this case, “MU85” indicates the tire’s width and aspect ratio, while “16” represents the rim diameter. The “B” denotes the tire’s construction type, which is a bias-ply construction.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Dunlop D401 Vs D402

1. What Is the Weight Rating of the Dunlop 402?

The weight rating or load capacity of a Dunlop D402 motorcycle is 908 pounds.

2. What Size Is a Dunlop D401?

Dunlop D401 motorcycle tires are available in various sizes 26.42, 25.40,25.15, and 25.50.

3. How Many Years Do Dunlop Motorcycle Tires Last?

On average, motorcycle tires can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years.

4. Is The Dunlop D401 Or D402 Better For Long Rides?

The dunlop d402 is better for long rides due to its improved tread pattern and enhanced stability, providing a smoother and more comfortable ride over long distances.

The d401 is designed for shorter commutes and offers good grip and handling, but may not provide the same level of comfort on extended rides.

5. Which Dunlop Tire Offers Better Wet Weather Performance, D401 Or D402?

Both the dunlop d401 and d402 offer excellent wet weather performance, thanks to their specially designed treads that provide improved traction on wet surfaces.

However, the d402 has an updated tread pattern that further enhances its performance in wet conditions, making it slightly better suited for rainy weather.

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6. What Is The Main Difference Between Dunlop D401 And D402?

The main difference between the Dunlop d401 and d402 lies in their tread patterns and overall design.

While both tires offer excellent performance, the d402 features an updated tread design that delivers enhanced stability and grip, making it a preferred choice for riders seeking improved handling and comfort.

The d401 is still a reliable tire but may not provide the same level of performance as the d402.

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In the world of motorcycle tires, the Dunlop D401 vs D402 stand out as two top contenders. Both d404 and d402 have earned their stripes among cruiser and Harley-Davidson riders, offering a blend of performance, durability, and iconic Dunlop quality.

The d401 is specifically designed for Harley-Davidson motorcycles, offering exceptional grip and handling.

On the other hand, the d402 is a versatile tire suitable for different cruiser models, offering a comfortable and reliable experience.

Both tires are known for their longevity and ability to deliver excellent traction, ensuring safety and control during your rides.

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