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5 Best Spark Plugs for 5.7 Hemi [Reviews & Guide] in 2023

Best Spark Plugs For 5.7 Hemi

I will discuss the best spark plugs for 5.7 Hemi and recommended spark plugs for dodge ram 1500 5.7 Hemi. We are going to review 5 extraordinary recommended spark plugs for dodge ram 1500 5.7 Hemi from which you can choose suitable 5.7 Hemi spark plugs.

Finding the best spark plugs for 5.7 hemi can be challengingBecause not all the spark plugs help high-tech Hemi engines to produce sufficient power burning the air-fuel mixtures.

Best Spark Plugs For 5.7 Hemi

So, we have picked a few Hemi spark plugs to help the engine with long-term optimum performance with less-frequent replacements. Our collected plugs will serve your hemi 5.7 a minimum of 30,000 miles.

5 Best Spark Plugs For 5.7 Hemi [Reviews & Guide]

Best spark plugs for 5.7 hemi challenger: Mopar Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram 5.7 Liter HEMI.

Best spark plugs for 5.7 hemi charger: APDTY spark plugs

Best spark plugs for 5.7 hemi 300c: NGK iridium IX spark plug

Best copper spark plugs for 5.7 hemi: APDTY Tune Up Kit 16 OEM Spark Plugs

Oem spark plugs for dodge ram 1500 5.7 hemi: Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram 5.7 Liter HEMI NGK Spark Plugs Mopar

And later will discuss later  best spark plug wires for 5.7 hemi

Our Selected Top 5 Best Spark Plugs For 5.7 Hemi Reviews in 2022

#1. NGK (5464-4PK) Iridium IX Spark Plug

NGK 5464 BKR5EIX-11 Iridium IX Spark Plug


Smoother Acceleration and Idle: The highly-qualityIridium tip is 0.6 mm and laser welded for continuous and stable sparks after ignition, which results in smooth acceleration and idling.

Compatibility/Which model cars: It is one of the best spark plugs for 5.7 L hemi that is compatible with a wide range of vehicles. Yet, to know if this set of spark plugs will work for your specific car model, you can directly call the supplier for instant help.

Efficiency: It has fame in the market for increased gas mileage and richer fuel economy for cars, trucks, or even motorbikes.

Material: Each of the spark plugs are made from high-quality iridium. As, iridium offers high heat tampering ability, so the spark plugs will last long.

Ecology: As a part of ecological contribution, these spark plugs have triple gasket seals to prevent gas leaking into the air.

Projected Insulator Tip: The elongated insulator tip prevents carbon/ oil fouling. So, with the least maintenance, these spark plugs will serve engines for years.

Performance booster: As the iridium alloy resists overheating and electrical wear, the engine’s performance is never hindered. The alloy itself is a booster for your engine to run at its best and is highly recommended spark plugs for dodge ram 1500 5.7 hemi.


  • Doesn’t leak gas
  • Has anti-fouling, anti-corrosion properties
  • Great throttle response
  • Made from durable material for long-time use


  • Installation is time-consuming

#2. ACDelco 41-993 Professional Iridium Spark Plug

ACDelco 41-993 Professional Iridium Spark Plug


Smoother Acceleration and Idle: The compactly designed electrodes provide a smooth start and improved acceleration for all types of vehicles

Efficiency:Iridium construction serves highest efficiency with low fuel consumption and increased gas mileage.

Material:It has construction of iridium plugs in 5.7 hemi boosts the optimum performance for quality engines like 5.7 hemi

Ecology:ACDelco’s suppressor seal prevents the elimination of radio frequencies to save the vehicle’s other parts, also from being eliminated to the air.

Electrodes: The fine-wire electrodes of the plugs utilize the unused carbon formed on the plug’s insulator tips to enrich fuel economy. Hence, there will be no traces of carbon fouling with these spark plugs

Performance booster:The iridium alloy provides complete combustion in the chambers to jump start the engine smoothly. That is why iridium ones are recommended spark plugs for dodge ram 1500 5.7 hemi.

Compatibility/Which model cars: To know whether these amazing plugs for your model’s engine or not, visit the ACDelco’s site and just input a few info about your car’s model, you will know that answer.


  • Other components remain safe as it does not eliminate radio frequencies
  • Highly cost-effective spark plugs
  • Has anti-combustion properties
  • Easy to install/ replace
  • Iridium stimulates faster spark and long-lasting use


  • Needs gaping while installing

#3. APDTY Tune Up Kit Includes 16 OEM Spark Plugs

APDTY Tune Up Kit Includes 16 OEM Spark Plugs


Smoother Acceleration and Idle: The high heat conductivity of coppers provides fast and easy starts and ensures a smooth acceleration.

Efficiency:Though the plugs look pretty conventional from the outside, they have high-tech build from inside makes them the best spark plug for 5.7 hemi.

Material: Each of the 16 pieces is constructed with high-quality copper for faster transmission of heat and even faster action.

Installation: For a new car owner or someone who has never handled hemi spark plugs, this set will be a breeze to install as they are not entangled with a bunch of wires like others.

Performance booster: These 16 pieces of spark plugs are recommended as the best spark plugs for the 2005 dodge ram Hemi containing all the aptitudes to make your engine run like a cheetah

Compatibility/Which model cars: As clearly mentioned, these spark plugs have satisfactory fitment with 2003-2004 dodge ram pickups and 2004-2005 dodge Durango. If your model falls in none of these categories, you can contact the sellers for information.


  • Has easy installation with few wires
  • Easy to find the right fit with 16 spark plugs
  • Has facility for ignition replacement
  • Copper plugs transfer heat fast


  • Usability is not too much as these are copper plugs

#4. Set Of 16 Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram 5.7 Liter HEMI NGK Spark Plugs Mopar

Set of 16 Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram 5.7 Liter HEMI NKG Spark Plugs Mopar


Smoother Acceleration and Idle: The nickel’s high heat conduction ability makes ignition quick and voltage high for a smooth easy start and acceleration of the car.

Efficiency: The engine’s fuel economy will rise and your car your cover more mileage with less gas than before. You will notice the change and feel your investment has been worth it with this recommended spark plugs for dodge ram 1500 5.7 hemi.

Material: Each of the 16 nickel plugs is made from absolutely factory-grade nickel that provides the top-notch performing capability to your vehicle’s engine.

Installation: The set comes with a swivel tool of 6-inch to make installation effortless.

Performance booster: Nickel’s high stress tackling capability makes spark plugs live long serving the engine with satisfied combustion.

Replacement ability: These plugs can be replaced with any OEM type spark plugs in the market though. So, they are considered the best spark plugs for 5.7L Hemi for the high replacement capability they hold.

Compatibility/Which model cars: Nickel spark plugs have limited usability nowadays, as the new generation vehicle models are mostly compatible with copper or iridium spark plugs. However, if your car model is within 2009-2013 Hemi, then you can go with these from Mopar.


  • Has high stress tackling capability for longer use
  • Best spark plugs for 5.7 hemi for its durability
  • Simple and straightforward to install
  • Enriches fuel economy with more gas mileage
  • Has high heat conductivity
  • Has compatible replacement with all OEM plugs


  • Has limited usability with new-generation car models

#5. Autolite AP5263-4PK Platinum Spark Plug

Autolite AP5263-4PK Platinum Spark Plug

Smoother Acceleration and Idle: The electrodes are also made of platinum which makes acceleration smooth and fast.

Efficiency: These platinum plugs are quite promising while serving more output with less input. It means, your monthly fuel cost will fall as they serve more gas mileage with less fuel. Also, the electrodes remain in good condition for long and do not wear out easily due to platinum resisting overheat.

Material: Talking about their durability, platinum spark plugs are renowned for their longevity over other types of plugs. 

Performance booster: The platinum firing tip at the center wire, prevents engine misfiring, wire erosions and increases life span of the engine.

Nickel border: For gap maintenance and precision, the plugs are added with nickel.Along with the platinum, the nickel bordering will prevent the gaps to erode and protect the interior construction.

Compatibility/Which model cars: This spark plug set is best for 5.7 Hemi rams car engines. However, for knowing about other models’ compatibility, you can directly contact the seller by letting them know about your engine’s model.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Provides faster acceleration and more gas mileage
  • Nickel coating prevents gap erosion and protects the interior
  • Tip is durable with platinum for extra tough performance


  • It is pretty time consuming to install.

Buying Guide For 5.7 Hemi Spark Plugs

Spark Plugs For 5.7 Hemi Reviews

Here we are with a brief buying guide for 5.7 Hemi spark plugs. This will enable you to pick the best spark plugs for dodge ram 1500, or for best spark plugs for a dodge charger, whatever your concern is.

Installation and Engine Compatibility

Installation can be a secondary concern, but engine compatibility is the primary one. For installation, you can always hire a professional as this is a one-time job. Moreover, spark plugs must not be installed without any knowledge as misplacement can cost you more.

Hence, no matter whether the installation process is easy or hard, you need to ask for help! On the other hand, engine compatibility is what you should look for when you are buying spark plugs.

No matter how eye-catchy the design looks, if you don’t buy according to the engine’s requirement, the engine won’t perform well, or to some extent, it might not perform at all. If you don’t have any idea about these, then feel free to ask for recommendations from manufacturers.

Plug Construction

Spark plugs are constructed with a certain type of material and each serves different purposes. Newbies may find it difficult to differentiate among all the constructions as they look almost the same from the exterior.

Copper is the most commonly found in every spark plug, then comes iridium, platinum, nickel, and double platinum.

Types of Spark Plugs

Copper/ nickel: For a very long time, copper/ nickel was the material used for spark plug construction. So, they work extremely well for older engines and have high heat conductivity. Copper can be considered the best spark plugs for the 2012 dodge ram Hemi

or before. However, their durability is still a question.


This metal type is recommended spark plugs for dodge ram 1500 5.7 Hemi for their high-performance to handle such engines and longevity. Since they have high melting points, iridium plugs’ electrodes do not wear out. Moreover, modern vehicle models are mostly compatible with iridium spark plugs.

Single platinum

We all know that platinum is independently so robust, so think about how much strength platinum spark plugs will have! They last long due to high stress and heat tackling capabilities. Also, you will see lower oil and carbon-fouling with these spark plugs. These types are one of the recommended spark plugs for 5.7 hemi.

Double platinum

Just with an extra electrode, such spark plugs are considered double platinum spark plugs. However, all the other construction and functions are similar to a single platinum spark plug but have an increased lifespan.

Size and Fit

If you do not know the required size and fit of the spark plugs, then consult an expert. Because size and fit matters, and every model requires a different one, such as 10mm, 12mm, 14 mm and so on. If the size doesn’t fit, you won’t be able to install the plugs in the first place.

Gap Style

Choose the right kind of spark plug gap size for your engine, or else without a certain gap they won’t perform their best. To be specific, the gap size for 5.7 Hemi engines is approximately 0.43 inches. If you have dodge 5.7 hemi spark plugs or other models, then measure the gap size before buying the plugs with a measuring tape.

Material Used In Spark Plug

Different manufacturers use different materials to construct their spark plugs. Ultimately it is your choice which one you would like to go for. If your preferred material is compatible with your vehicle’s engine, then go for it!

Pack Quantity

When you are replacing spark plugs of your 5.7 Hemi, then buy a pack of 16 together as 5.7 Hemi requires sixteen of them. Because it is always better to use the same branded ones. One of the sets is Mopar spark plugs for 5.7 hemi of 16.

Easy Clean procedure

One of the best functions of spark plugs is that they have the self-cleaning ability. With time, the function deteriorates. That’s when you need to clean them manually to prevent carbon and oil clogging. Therefore, buying an easy cleaning spark plug set can be an advantage for you.

3 Best Spark Plug Wires For 5.7 Hemi-Reviews


Key Feature

Diameter (mm)


JDMSPEED Spark Plug Wire

Superb EMI Suppression


MSD 35599 Spark Plug Wire Set

Helical Wound Wire


APDTY Ignition Wires

Complete Plug Boots


How Often Should You Change Spark Plugs In A 5.7 Hemi?

The Hemi 5.7 engine is well-known for its reliable and sturdy performance. It’s spark plugs can run up to 30,000 miles even if you take the least care of it. And, if you maintain the engine well, it will last till 100,000 miles and so will its spark plugs.

Therefore, at most, change the spark plugs for 5.7 Hemi after every 80,000-100,000 miles depending on the type of your vehicle. In calculation to a time frame, it means 3.5-4.5 years! Make sure, you replace 5.7 Hemi with any recommended spark plugs for dodge ram 1500 5.7 Hemi.

What Brand Spark Plugs Does Dodge Use?

There are some recommended spark plugs for dodge ram 1500 5.7 Hemi, one of them is Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram 5.7 Liter HEMI NGK Spark Plugs by Mopar. These nickel spark plugs are tough and have more responsive pedals than the dodge Hemi 5.7 spark plugs. You can also choose sturdy iridium, platinum, or copper spark plugs for dodge from ACDelco, Bosch, which has optimal performance for your Dodge. 

What’s The Best Spark Plug For Performance?

To get the prominent combination of high-tech performance, durability, reliability, and high fuel economy, there are no spark plugs above the NGK iridium spark plug. As we already know how much dependable iridium-constructed spark plugs are for any type of engine. If taken care of properly, they might outlast your engine too. There might be many options for the best spark plugs for 5.7 hemi. However, it is one of the most compatible and recommended spark plugs for 5.7 Hemi engines for every kind of vehicle.

FAQs On 5.7 Hemi Spark Plugs

How often should you change spark plugs in a 5.7 Hemi?

The time frame depends on your spark plugs’ build material. For instance, iridium and platinum spark plugs require comparatively less replacement compared to copper/ nickel ones. The former ones can live for 3-5 years depending on your maintenance, whereas, the later ones live for 1.5-3.5 years at most. So, change according to that.

How many spark plugs do a 5.7 Hemi have?

The previous models of 5.7 Hemi requires 16 spark plugs. However, this might vary with the newer 5.7 Hemi models. So, consult with your seller about how many spark plugs in a hemi is needed.

Does all 5.7 Hemi have 16 spark plugs?

As engines like 5.7 Hemi are upgrading, their potency is increasing as well. Therefore, the newer versions do not require all 16 spark plugs to run efficiently. However, the former versions of 5.7 Hemi require all 16 of them. 

Why does the 5.7 Hemi have 16 spark plugs?

If you ask how many spark plugs in a v8 Hemi are there? Then the answer is 16. So, all the 5.7 Hemi previously were designed with v8 engine configurations, that is why the 5.7 Hemi have 16 spark plugs too.

How much HP can you add to a 5.7 Hemi?

recommended spark plugs for dodge ram 1500 5.7 Hemi can take HP up to 650, so you can add this much maximum. The larger the hemi, the more horsepower it will intake. However, it good to stick to the borderline, or else, the engine will show adverse effects.

Is the Ram 5.7 Hemi reliable?

Yes, for a long time, Ram 5.7 Hemi engines are proven to be highly reliable and dependable. It won’t be wrong to say that Ram 5.7 Hemi is one of the liked and bought gasoline engines in the past decades.


Wrapping It Up

On the last note, we want to say whatever recommended spark plugs for dodge ram 1500 5.7 Hemi you choose from our list, you are ultimately buying the best spark plugs for 5.7 Hemi of yours. Not for a second, you will regret your purchase only if you buy the compatible one according to your engine. Also, keep our buying guide in mind while purchasing such an important vehicle component.

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