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Dodge Ram Headlight Wire Color Codes

Dodge Ram Headlight Wire Color Codes

The Dodge Ram headlight wire color codes are as follows: The low beam headlights use a yellow and black wire combination. The high beams use white and black wires. Both the left and right sides of the headlights have their own dedicated ground wires in brown or black colors.

There is also an additional power source for both the left and right side lights that use a red/black combo. Finally, all headlights will have a circuit breaker with its own green-colored wire. These color codes may vary slightly depending on your vehicle model year, so be sure to double-check before making any connections.

Additionally, both right and left headlight assemblies will have different colored wiring harnesses depending on their side of the origin.

Here are some common wire color codes for Dodge Ram headlights:

Low Beam:

  • Black: Ground
  • Green/Orange: Low beam positive (+)

High Beam:

  • Black: Ground
  • Green/Red: High beam positive (+)

Turn Signal:

  • Black: Ground
  • White: Left turn signal positive (+)
  • Brown: Right turn signal positive (+)

The wire color codes for the headlights on a Dodge Ram can vary depending on the year and model of the vehicle. Here is a general chart for reference:

YearModelLow Beam Wire ColorHigh Beam Wire Color
1994-1997Ram 1500, 2500, 3500Dark Green/BlackDark Green/Red
1998-2001Ram 1500, 2500, 3500Dark Green/BlackDark Green/Red
2002-2005Ram 1500Orange/BlackOrange/White
2002-2005Ram 2500, 3500Violet/YellowViolet/White
2006-2008Ram 1500Orange/BlackOrange/White
2006-2009Ram 2500, 3500Violet/YellowViolet/White
2010-2012Ram 1500Orange/BlackOrange/White
2010-2012Ram 2500, 3500Violet/YellowViolet/White
2013-2018Ram 1500Dark Blue/WhiteDark Blue/Red
2013-2018Ram 2500, 3500Light Green/BlackLight Green/Red
2019-2021Ram 1500Orange/BlackOrange/White
2019-2021Ram 2500, 3500Violet/YellowViolet/White

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Dodge Ram Headlight Switch Wire Color Codes

  • The primary wires used on Ram’s headlight switch are black, brown, yellow, green, white and red. 
  • The black wire is the ground connection while the brown wire serves as a power source from the battery.
  • Yellow is used for high beam control while green is connected with low beams. 
  • White functions as a high beam indicator light connection while red connects to parking lights or daytime running lamps. 
Dodge Ram Headlight Switch Wire Color Codes
Source: https://www.dieseltruckresource.com/

Dodge Ram Wiring Harness Connectors

The Dodge Ram wiring harness connectors provide a secure connection between the vehicle’s various components and ensure that power is delivered to each component in a safe manner.

It is essential to replace any worn or damaged wiring harness connectors with genuine OEM parts as this will ensure optimal performance and reliability for your pickup truck.

Color-Coded Wiring Fuel Pump Wires Color Codes

Pin 1 – Black Wire: Positive System Wire

Pin 2 – White Wire: Fuel Pump Wire

Pin 3 – Black/White Wire: Ground Wire

Pin 4 – Red Wire: Positive System Wire (Same as Pin 1)

Pin 5 – Yellow Wire: Fuel Pump Wire (Same as Pin 2)

Pin 6 – Green Wire: Return Wire

7-Pin Dodge Ram Trailer Wiring Color Code

  1. White-Ground
  2. Brown-Tail Lights
  3. Black – 12V Power
  4. Red – Stop Lights
  5. Yellow – Auxiliary
  6. Pink – Emergency
  7. Blue – Brake Lights

2003 Dodge Ram Wire Color Codes

The existing wiring colors for your 2003 Dodge Ram are as follows: 

  • Black: Ground 
  • Brown: Power (Battery)
  • Red: Ignition
  • Orange: Ignition Switch 
  • Green: Data Bus 
  • Blue: Information Bus 
  • White: Illumination/Lights 
  • Grey: Auxiliary 
  • Purple: Accessory Relay 

What Are The Positive And Negative Wire Colors?

  • Positive Wire Color

The positive wire is usually colored red and often referred to as the ‘hot’ wire. This electrical conduit carries electricity from the power source to the appliance. 

  • Negative Wire Color

The negative wire is usually colored black, called the ‘return’ wire. It completes the circuit by carrying electricity back to the power source. 

How Do You Connect Headlight Wires Together?

  • To connect headlight wires, you’ll need to determine the positive and negative leads. 
  • Start by connecting the positive lead to the headlight switch. At the fuse box, connect the negative cable of the headlight switch to the positive cable. 
  • Then, using an appropriate-sized wire, connect the headlight unit’s positive lead to the headlight switch’s positive lead. 
  • Finally, connect the headlight unit’s negative lead to the headlight switch’s negative lead. 

How Are Headlights Wired?

The wiring begins with a pair of headlights, each with its harness containing bulbs and connecting wires. These harnesses are connected to the vehicle through relays and a fuse box. 

This wiring system distributes power from the vehicle’s battery to the headlights, allowing them to turn on and off, flash, or dim according to what’s going on and the driver’s wishes.

What Is The Signal For Low Beams?

The directional arrangement of the low beam lights – with rays pointing downwards – decreases the blinding effects on oncoming vehicles and increases the forward distance to see.

What Is Yellow Wire On Headlights?

The yellow wire on the headlights is a low-beam wire. This low-beam wire signals the car’s wiring system to turn the low-beam headlights on. The low beams are typically used when driving at night or in inclement weather.

What Is Red Wire On Headlights?

The red wire is part of the high-beam assembly. It is responsible for connecting the wiring inside the headlight to the high beam filament, allowing the headlights to function correctly when switched to the high beam setting.

What Color is the High Beam Wire?

The high beam wire is typically a bright yellow color. This makes it easy to identify when working with electrical wiring and diagnosing vehicle problems. In most vehicles, the high beam wire will be connected directly to the headlight switch in order to provide power for the headlights when they are switched on.

It’s important to always ensure that you are using the correct gauge of wire for your application as this can have an impact on both performance and safety.

What Color is the High Beam Wire

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How Do You Rewire a Headlight Wire?

Rewiring a headlight wire is not an overly complicated task and can be done with a few simple tools. First, inspect the existing wiring to ensure it’s in good condition. If any of the wires look frayed or worn, they should be replaced before attempting to rewire them.

Next, remove the bulbs from their sockets and then disconnect all wiring connections at both ends of the light fixture. Use pliers to strip away some of the insulation on each wire to make new connections.

Then twist together two bare copper wires into one end of each connection point on the headlight wiring harness- this will effectively rewire your headlights!

What Amp is Headlight Wire?

A headlight wire amp is a type of amplifier designed specifically for automotive headlights. It amplifies the voltage and current in order to increase the brightness of your car’s headlights. The amp also helps regulate the wattage so that it does not exceed what the bulb can handle, which improves safety and efficiency.

Many modern vehicles come with their own amps pre-installed, but some cars may require an aftermarket headlight wire amp if you want brighter lights.

Dodge Ram Headlight Switch Wire Color Codes


In conclusion, understanding Dodge Ram headlight wire color codes is a key part of any headlight wiring repair or replacement. Knowing the colors and what they represent can save you time and money by ensuring that the job is done correctly the first time.

Thankfully, there are resources available to help owners identify their specific wire colors for their model year so any repairs or upgrades can be completed easily and accurately.

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