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Tip of Spark Plug Broke Off without Damaging Your Car [With Video]

Tip Of Spark Plug Broke Off

Whenever our engine’s reviving range increases, that causes a serious vibration in our spark plug. We know spark plugs are always fitted in the engine’s cylinder. So, if your spark plug vibrates, your whole engine will also vibrate. 

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Tip Of Spark Plug Broke Off

Over time, you will get to see abnormal vibrations. Thereupon, your ground electrode will start breaking. And it’s high time we take precautions against our spark plug break off. In effect, what you have to do is, remove your spark plug in simple ways.

Scroll a little more to know how you can manage the tip of your spark plug broke off.

Broken spark plug symptoms

Here are some of the symptoms of a broken spark plug that you should look out for:

  1. Difficulty starting the engine: If your car struggles to start or takes several tries before it does, this can be a sign that one of your spark plugs is not working properly.
  2. Poor acceleration: If your car seems slow to respond when you press the accelerator, this can be a symptom of a broken spark plug.
  3. Misfiring engine: If your car’s engine is misfiring or running rough, this can be a sign that your spark plugs are not firing correctly.
  4. Low fuel efficiency: If your car uses more fuel than normal, this could be a symptom of a broken spark plug.
  5. Engine backfiring: If your engine is backfiring, this could be a sign that one of your spark plugs is not firing correctly.

What happens if you have a broken spark plug?

When a spark plug is broken, it can no longer ignite the fuel-air mixture in the engine’s cylinders. This can cause the engine to run on three cylinders instead of four, making it difficult to start. 

As a result, it may not be able to reach its full potential and could have difficulty accelerating and running at high speeds. If a spark plug is broken, it could also cause knock and ping in the engine, decreasing engine performance.

What does a broken spark plug look like?

Due to the wear and tear of normal use, spark plugs eventually become worn down and unable to ignite the fuel in your engine effectively. This means that the spark plug will appear undamaged, but it will no longer be able to spark the fuel.

The spark plug tip broke off in the cylinder

When a spark plug tip breaks off in the cylinder, it can be a tricky repair as it means you’re dealing with a potentially damaged spark plug. The tip of the spark plug can become loose or damaged, which can be caused by a number of factors, including a worn spark plug, an incorrect spark plug gap, an incorrect spark plug type, or an overly tight spark plug thread.

How to Prevent the Tip of a Spark Plug From Breaking Off 

There are a few simple steps to ensure that your spark plug tip remains intact.

1. Regularly Check the Spark Gap 

The first step is to check the spark gap regularly. To check the spark gap, use a feeler gauge to measure the distance and adjust the gap accordingly if necessary.

2. Avoid Over-Tightening 

Another important step is to avoid over-tightening the spark plug. If the spark plug is too tight, it can cause the plug tip to break off. A good rule of thumb is to only tighten the spark plug to the manufacturer’s recommended torque.

3. Regularly Inspect and Clean the Plug 

Finally, it’s important to inspect and clean the spark plug regularly. Dirt and debris can accumulate on the spark plug and cause it to break off. To clean the spark plug, use a soft cloth to remove any dirt and debris from the electrode surfaces.

Safety precautions to take while removing the spark plug

Here are some important safety tips to keep in mind when you’re removing the spark plug from your car:

  1. Make sure you have the right tools. Spark plugs are relatively simple to remove, but having the right tools for the job is still important. 
  2. Wear safety glasses. Whenever you’re dealing with any kind of engine maintenance, it’s important to wear safety glasses. 
  3. Disconnect the battery. Before you begin any kind of engine repair, it’s important to disconnect the battery. 
  4. Allow the engine to cool down. Before you remove the spark plug, it’s important to let the engine cool down. 
  5. Remove the spark plug wire. Before you can remove the spark plug, you’ll need to remove the spark plug wire. 
  6. Use caution when removing the spark plug. Spark plugs are delicate components, and caution is important when removing them.
  7. Put the new spark plug in correctly. Once you’ve removed the old spark plug, it’s important to make sure that you’re putting the new spark plug in correctly. 

What does a broken spark plug mean?

What Does A Broken Spark Plug Mean

Because of improper torques in the engine, spark plugs get damaged and lead to engine misfires, slow acceleration, and reduced gas mileage. However, broken spark plugs are easy to identify. They look like fouled or damaged in shape.

How do you drill out a broken spark plug?

There is a Bottom Dead Centre in all spark plugs. Move your engine to that side and make sure your engine is cool. Then use some penetrating oil to soak your broken spark plug shell. 

Wait for a few minutes. 

Now, tap a properly sized easy out into the empty shell. Thus, your drilling out a broken spark plug is all set. 

Tip of spark plug broke off

Tip Of Spark Plug Broke Off in details

Attempting to pull a tip of the spark plug broke off is nowhere a difficult task. You just need to go through some easy steps-

  • You have to use a stud extractor. There you will see some left out threads inside. 
  • Then take a tier of two sockets and trap it down to get access to your spark plug. Now, you will have to attempt by putting your tool down and extracting the spark plug. 
  • After giving a shut down in the hole, just give more little taps to seat those corners of your tool. 
  • You can see your spark plug is either loose or broken. Hence, you will have to back it out. Later on your matt will grab a magnet and take out the tip of spark plug broke off.

How to remove a spark plug that is stuck?

How To Remove A Spark Plug That Is Stuck

Instead of following complicated ways, we can still use simple techniques to remove our stock spark plugs. All you need is some basic equipment and a little bit of patience. 

  • First thing first, you will have to find the point where your spark plug is stuck. As a result, you can quickly solve the problem. If your spark plug is stuck under your vehicle, you will have to lift your vehicle to get access easily.
  • Now, remove the cap from your spark plug and spray some penetrating oil there. By doing so, you can avoid rusts and build-ups from your spark plug.
  • Leave your oil for one night and see the magic. Or if you don’t want to wait for too long, leave the oil for at least 1 hour.
  • Then use a wrench to loosen the spark plug and remove it completely. 
  • If you see your spark plug is way more stubborn than you expected, don’t force it. In consequence, your spark plug will have to suffer damages.
  • Afterwards, start your engine for a short time so that it can cool down after providing heat. You can end up burning your hands by not letting the spark plug cool down.
  • As you are done removing, now it’s time to replace your spark plug. Don’t forget to use a heating lubricant resistant for coating. Now, you are finally done removing your old spark and replacing it with a new one.

How do you remove a seized spark plug from an aluminium head?

How Do You Remove A Seized Spark Plug From An Aluminium Head

How hard your spark plug is, depends on your driving style or how your vehicle runs. It affects how much carbon build-up is in the combustion chamber. However, carbon build-ups remain around your spark plug threads, making them extremely hard to remove. 

Even without carbon build ups if your spark plug has not been changed yet for a long time, you may still get to see that. 

Some auto manufacturers now have a higher recommended maintenance interval. Also, corrosion can build up between threads and become seized. 

If the plugs are forced during removal, this can either break off the spark plug or, worse, damage the threads. In most spark plugs, it tends to be quite hard to access. So you can’t get any heat around them. 

Sometimes, you can use a light penetrating oil to allow it to soak overnight. It will entirely depend on the design.

Again, what I find works best is patience. And you have to work the plug back and forth as they squeak during the removal process. When threads are binding, identify it as a bad sign.

Once that plug has broken free, loosen it slightly until pressure builds up. Then turn your spark plug in the opposite direction.

Now, tighten up your spark plug a little more so that you can break down corrosions and carbon build-ups eventually. By loosening your spark plug, you can remove it without any hassle.

In completion

Sometimes if you need assistance with heat, only remove the plug. Hence, your required engine will cover. 

Then start your engine with spark plugs where the materials are. That will expand and help in the removal process. Just be careful not to burn yourself after working on a hot engine. Other times if excessive carbon build-up is seen, use a fuel additive. 

How do you remove a spark plug without a magnet?

How Do You Remove A Spark Plug Without A Magnet

Maximum spark plugs refuse to come out as they should have. And obviously, they are in hard to reach places. 

All of us don’t have a magnetic socket. So, what do you do at that moment? Don’t stress; loosening spark plugs without magnets are simple like a pie. 

You will need to line up your spark plug from the centre using your fingers. Then use your fuel injector and stick it on the little suction cup out tada. And there, you require no magnet and done removing your spark plug.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. What causes the spark plug tip to break?

An engine’s vibration becomes strong when its reviving range and output becomes high. As spark plugs are always placed in cylinder heads of engines, they can often create vibrations like an engine.

But if your spark plug becomes loose, it may face abnormal vibrations, which can lead your spark plug tip to break off.

#2. Can you start a car with a broken spark plug?

Never drive a car with a broken spark plug. When a piece of spark plug remains in your engine, you are likely to see serious damages to your car.

Or your engine may have to suffer catastrophic failures. So what you need to do is get your car towed and remove the broken pieces of the spark plug.

#3. Is it better to remove spark plugs hot or cold?

Try not to remove spark plugs in hot conditions. Usually, cylinder thread sparking plug threads are made of aluminium. For this reason, they easily get into different coefficients and heat expansions and thus become tighter. 

#4. How do you remove a broken spark plug tip?

To remove a broken spark plug tip, you have to move your piston to Bottom Dead Centre. Don’t forget to check your engine so that there remains no heat.

If necessary, wait for your engine to cool down. Afterwards, soak your broken plug shell in some penetrating oil. A few minutes later, you shall tap a proper size out in an empty shell.

#5. Can a broken spark plug damage engine?

Yes, broken spark damage is more likely to damage a car’s engine. Moreover, your engine may fail severely.

Hence, you must tow your car and remove all broken pieces of spark plugs from your engine. Also, remember to change your oil to avoid all dirt and debris. 

#6. What is the tip of a spark plug called?

The tip of a spark plug is generally called a terminal. You will get this terminal at the top of your spark plugs. There you can connect the ignition system and process your work smoothly. 


Driving cars with a piece of spark plug inside engines are very dangerous. I would highly insist you never compromise with your vehicle’s condition and your life. So, make it late, and apply the easy techniques to remove your broken spark plugs. 

Trust me; there is no need to break the bank for it. Do follow the above-given steps and let us know if it was helpful for you.

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