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Best Spark Plug Wire Puller – Top 7 Removal Tools in 2023

Best Spark Plug Wire Puller

Best Spark Plug Wire Puller is a must-have requirement to remove spark plug boots. Still, our investment sometimes goes wrong due to inadequate knowledge about products. Not to face such problems, you must go through a perfect review where all the relevant features stack up.

Best Spark Plug Wire Puller

To make it easier for you, I will present here some first-rate pliers with factual information. Hopefully, you will get your most preferable Plier from this article. 

Scroll down to look into some brilliant products.

Our Selected Top 7 best spark plug wire puller Reviews in 2022

#1. Lisle 51750 Spark Plug Wire Puller – best spark plug boot removal tool

Lisle 51750 Adjustable Spark Plug Wire Puller

Lisle 51750 Spark Plug Wire Puller allows easier access to spark plug boots adjusting to five(5) different positions. In the same way, Lisle 51750 gains a specific shape which makes it easier for users to have conveniences.

Do you use GM 3.1-liter, 3.4-liter or 3.8-liter automotive engines? Then you should go for a Lisle spark plug wire puller. 


Lisle 51750 measures 7 inches in length, featuring an offset tip. Therefore, you will barely find any hindrance while removing your spark plug boots. 


This Plier can open up to ⅝ of an inch. Isn’t it enough to get your job done easily? Moreover, Lisle Plier doesn’t tend to get damaged because of its skin pack cover system.


You will not have to carry those bulky pliers anymore since Lisle offers great features with lightweight facilities. It weighs only 1.01 ounces which is very easy to carry.

Plastic handle

There is a plastic handle that comes with Lisle 51750 plier to make your utilization simple. 

Sometimes, our wires get shocked due to uncertainties and create massive problems. As this Plier contains a plastic handle, it won’t let any shock happen in wires.


  • Allows easy access to spark plug boots 
  • Lightweight with best features
  • Prevents the wire from shockings
  • Can remove any spark plug boots simply
  • Does not let any damage or scratches take place.


  • Its metal attracts rusts

#2. Schley Products Ripped broken spark plug boot removal tool

Schley Products Ripped Spark Plug Boot Remover

Ripped and stuck-on spark plug boots are so annoying that we hardly find any access to them. To meet such problems, Schley Products Ripped Spark Plug Boot Remover comes up with amazing features to grab your boots for removal. 

The main task of this tool is to slide out with damaged boots. Henceforth, your spark plug will be exposed and removed with ease. Now let us not beat around the bush and see more in Ripped Spark Plug Boot Remover.

Heavy-duty plastic

Schley Products Plier’s jaws and handle are covered with heavy-duty and coated plastic. Thereupon, you will find comfort while using it. Not only that, but the grip you will be getting is also outstanding. In addition, a good hold on your cables will remain with you in your entire experience.


Durability depends on materials. And Schley Products leaves no stone unturned in providing its best with sturdy materials. So, there is no doubt that this Plier is firmly durable.


Talking about protection, you will not have to stress damages and scratches without Schley Products Puller. They make sure that your wires don’t get any shock and remain useful all time. For this reason, Schley’s Ripped Boot Remover comes with a skin pack and plastic handle.


  • Easily grabs boot for removal
  • Can expose any spark plug
  • Ensures comfort in usage
  • Handles are plastic coated and heavy-duty
  • A durable and lightweight product


  • Gets infrequent dirty uses

#3. Lisle 51250 Spark Plug Wire Puller

Lisle 51250 Spark Plug Wire Puller

Are you looking for a smooth way to remove your spark plug wire boots from plugs? Then you can entirely depend on Lisle 51250 Spark Plug Wire Puller. This product is not only amazing for its durability but also for its epic features. Also, you can carry this puller with no complex since there is a compact design as well.

Overall, Lisle 51250’s puller is an absolute choice to work in difficult areas, like- obstructed and recessed plugs.

Effective tool

Lisle 51250 Plier is an effective tool to disengage any spark plug boots. Don’t think there are any complicated features here. Although Lisle 51250 is very effective, at the same time, it’s very simple to use.

Square shaft 

There is a square shaft in this Plier, which plays a great role to prevent slippings. Furthermore, your product will not damage due to scratches and stay advanced throughout. 

Thick plastic handle 

We all seek greater pulling power from any spark plug boot puller. Yes, you are thinking right. Lisle 51250 gains a strong pulling power. Alongside there is a thick plastic handle to prevent your wires from shocking. Thanks to the double insulation system, which helps to safeguard spark plugs firmly.

Reasonable price 

One best thing about Lisle 51250 Puller is, the product comes at a very reasonable price. This Plier tends to be the best of both worlds. 


  • Smoothly removes wire boots from spark plugs 
  • Durable with epic outcomes 
  • Design is compact and useful
  • Works great in difficult areas
  • An effective plier with a reasonable price 


  • Metal chips peel off

#4. EWK Ignition Coil Removal Tool

EWK Spark Plug Boot Removal Tool Spark Plug Wire Puller

VW Spark Plug Wire Puller is a magic tool for installing, reseating and removing bad spark plug wires. You can use EWK Puller Ignition Coilin 4 cylinder turbo on VW, Mercedes engines, and Audi with spark plug connectors. 

But to be more sure, the T10112 puller is not a bad apple, and we must go through some of its key features. 


Many of us want a plier that can remove spark plug wire boots and reset them like before. However, EWK Puller stands on that part and can reset any spark plug without causing any damage to components. 

Incredible value

Especially for DIYers, I would recommend the EWK Spark Plug Wire Boot Puller. Here the end and shafts of the boots contain premium materials of stainless steel. Henceforth, you will get durability and maximum strength from VW Puller.

Easy to use

Unless we get ease in utilization in our spark plug wire puller, the entire investment goes bland. But when you have an EWK Spark Plug Wire Boot Puller, you will not have to worry about usage at all. Also, it fills nicely in a narrow plug cavity where you will not need any manifold dismantling. 

Extra sturdy

Mechanic workers generally seek easy operation to find easy grip in spark plug wire boot pullers. In the same way, EWK Plier serves outstanding in operation since it has extra sturdy material. 


  • Application is wide
  • Can do both removing and resetting plugs
  • Doesn’t cause any damage to components 
  • Contains maximum strength with durability 


  • Too hard to control

#5. OEM TOOLS 25542 Spark Plug Pliers

OEM TOOLS 25542 Spark Plug Pliers

For proper removal of spark plugs, OEM TOOLS offers nice features. Not having any damages in wires, you can reach to hard places of your boots and simply remove the spark plug. Also, you will get here a comfortable vinyl grip which will allow easy usage.

Commonly, pliers slip out from our hands and create a hindrance in utilization. Anyways, OEM TOOLS are far away from such inconveniences. To know why you shall give a glance at the below features. 

Designed for professionals

An amazing fact about OEM TOOL’s Plier is, it can be a go-to use for every professional. Suppose you work in a mechanical garage where you need a perfect plier to pull out spark plugs. And trust me, this product will be a reliable choice for you.

Little routine maintenance 

Spark plugs that are covered in stubborn boots and build-ups require the best puller. Thereupon, all types of gunks in spark plug insulators are removed. To make sure you get this exact convenience, try out OEM’s spark plug wire puller.

Multi-use tool

OEM TOOLS 25542 adapts in different applications. Such as removing or disconnecting connectors, sensors, terminals, and so on. Moreover, you can use it for other electrical systems and repair any car to a small appliance. 


  • Gives a comfortable vinyl grip
  • Best for workers and professionals 
  • Removes all stubborn boots and build-ups
  • Takes out all gunks from spark plugs 
  • Has a wide use of applications


  • Materials are soft

#6. WORK Spark Boot Removal Pliers for Car

QWOKR Spark Plug Wire Removal Plier Spark Boot Removal Pliers for Car

Getting a smooth use of removing spark plug boots without any damage seems like grinning and bearing it. To dig into these problems, QWOKR Spark Plug Wire Removal Plier comes out with useful features for all of you. 

High Quality 

Because of having sturdy carbon steel, the QWOKR plier ensures the safety and durability of the product. 


There is an opening of ⅝” inch in this Plier, which is a great fit in any spark plug wire boots.

Ergonomic handle 

There is an anti-skid handle with this Plier that saves a lot of power. Additionally, it tends to be environment-friendly with rugged materials. 

Wide application 

The main task that QWOKR plier is famous for, removing spark plug high voltage wire. Hence, you will get labour-saving and convenient usage.


  • Works without causing any damage
  • A safe and durable product 
  • Contains environment-friendly materials
  • Gives labour-saving and convenient usage 


  • Jaws are too thin

#7. MAG-Mate PLS100 Spark Plug Boot Pliers

MAG-Mate PLS100 45⁰ Angle Spark Plug Boot Pliers

MAG-Mate PLS100 Spark Plug Boot Pliers is an ascending tool to work with no electric shocks, wire damage, or burns. Once you purchase this Plier, I am damn sure you will not find any objection regarding its quality. 

Easy going

Often, uncreachable boots make it harder for us to pull out the spark plugs. Here, each pair of pliers ensures to tackle up hard to hard places with ease.

Heavy-duty plastic 

Heavy-duty plastics of 90 durometers in MAG-Mate Plier offers a group a great coating. Therefore, controlling handles and jaws will not be an issue for you.

Ideal tool

Minivans and firewalls restrict us from pulling spark plugs comfortably. However, that restriction will not bother you and rather budge away when you have a MAG-MATE spark plug wire puller with you.


  • Does not cause any electric shocks or burns 
  • Owns a premium quality 
  • Can tackle any hard to reach places
  • The coating is strong and sturdy 


  • Insulation is not good

What tool is best for removing spark plugs?

GEARWRENCH Magnetic Swivel Spark Plug Socket (Click here)

GEARWRENCH Magnetic Swivel Spark Plug Socket

GEARWRENCH owns one of the best spark plug wire-pullers in the market. Be it a range of motion or sturdiness, and Swivel Spark Plug Socket serves its best. Also, you will not have to worry about durability. Gearwrench Magnetic Swivel lasts longer than any other spark plug wire puller. 

There is a ⅜ inch drive tang which helps to handle hot metals. And don’t stress about the price. Gearwrench’s Plier is great when it’s about value for money.

Therefore, we can simply say that GEARWRENCH Magnetic Swivel Spark Plug Socket is a brilliant tool for removing spark plugs. 

Spark plug wire removal tool

Here are some spark plug wire removal tools you can go for. 

  • Lisle Offset Boot Removal Plier tool kits for Spark Plug
  • GEARWRENCH 135D Spark Plug Terminal Pliers
  • ARES Boot Removal Kits for Spark Plug Plier
  • KNIPEX Plug Plier

Check what causes spark plug wires to go bad. And What are the best spark plugs wires for a 5.3 Vortec? More on spark plug wires for chevy 350 with headers.

How to remove a broken spark plug?

Removing a broken spark plug doesn’t require breaking a bank. All you need to do is relate to some important steps and follow them. What is the easiest way to remove spark plug wires- Check the video

Use a flashlight to identify your problem.

First and foremost, you will have to shine a flashlight in your spark plug to know what you are dealing with. You will see a hollowed-out thread portion in the cylinder head of your spark plug. 

If you don’t find sufficient space to fit your lights, use a small drill bit to create a small hole.

Install an extractor 

Fill your spark with some penetrating oil and leave it for a few moments. Then you will have to drive the square end of the extractor. To do so, pull out a bi-hex 12 point socket and a square cut or spiral cut.

Now, install the extractor in your spark plug hole. Make sure you are installing it at a straight shot. As a result, you can pull your cylinder head to handle the complete issue.

Gently remove the broken portion. 

Next, you have to attach the socket wrench with your extractor. After some turns, you can know if your spark plug is going to work or not. 

Eventually, easy out extractors of threads and begin to turn spark plugs.

Perhaps, turning your extractor with a socket range might seem difficult. In such situations, you will need better leverage by busting out a breaker bar. 

However, threads can also turn and come out from spark plugs. If you get to see your spark plug is revealing its threads, that’s great news. Your task is done.

Now, you can blow out those threads and place a new spark plug into that hole. 

In general times, threads become loose due to heat. A head torch can be helpful. And when the plug is stuck, you can also use the torch at that time. Keep in mind; your cylinder head does not get too hot. Or else, you may end up re-threading the plug hole. 

How much does it cost to remove a broken spark plug?

Considering a typical amount, removing a broken spark plug will require about $16-$100. But, if you want to replace your spark plug, it will cost between $40-$100.

Tip Of Spark Plug Broke Off Check the article

Buying Guide for a perfect Spark Plug Wire Puller

Spark Plug Wire Puller reviews

Unless we get the best spark plug wire puller, it’s hard to get a good communication conduit between our engine time system and the spark plug. Anyways, we don’t want you to compromise like that. 

To make your investment worth it, I am going to guide you with some important traits. Hence, you can easily figure out which spark plug wire puller will be better for you.


Spark plugs wire-pullers with rubber-coated tips work great for various tasks.


Most often, you will see signs of wear in your spark plug pliers when they are replaced. So, make sure the materials of your product are strong and durable. Although strong materials deteriorate sometimes, you have to set your time to swap your spark plug Plier as soon as possible.

Firm grip

To have a firm grip, you have to place your tips over your spark plug boot. After you twist your boot, it will start releasing from the plug. If the engine of the spark plug turns off and becomes cool, you shall change it and not work on any other spark plug at that time.


Cleanliness is important in every aspect. However, there is no surety that your Plier will never get dirty. 

You can buy stainless steel wipes or canisters to clean your Plier. But that doesn’t mean all pliers are of the same type in cleanliness. In effect, I would say you should go for a simple and easy maintaining spark plug plier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you crimp spark plug wires?

Yes, you can cut and crimp your plug wires whenever you need. And remember, you are crimping your wire according to your desired length in a proper way. Otherwise, space will take place between your spark plug and wire conductor and reduce continuity over time.

Can spark plug wires be too long?

Ideally, it’s better to keep spark plug wires little in size. However, longer wires are not an issue. If you mount your coil on the other side of your vehicle, you will surely have to go for a shorter spark plug wire.

Can you replace one spark plug wire?

There is no need to buy new spark plug wires and break your bank for that. Repairing them can be a suitable option for you. Perhaps, the result won’t be satisfactory, but you can at least make your wires worth using. All your wires will not damage at a time, and the auto repair shops do not sell wires separately. Rather than buying a full set of wires, you can simply repair your damaged wire and use it further.

What happens if you switch spark plug wires?

Switching spark plug wires often can make your engine run roughly or may not run even. The reason is your wires and compression of fuels will not align properly. As a result, the delivery of spark will not process accurately. 

How do you remove spark plug boots?

To remove your spark plug boot, the first thing you will need is to find access to the point of the spark plug wire. Then twist your spark plug boot into different directions and pull together. Thus, your spark plug boot will discharge its connection and get removed effortlessly. 

Should you twist spark plug boots before removing them?

Yes, you need to twist your spark plug boots before removing them. For this reason, you have to loosen up your boots and consequently remove them from your spark plug.


Making one’s vehicle maintenance is a great job to do. Fortunately, you have available options in this article where you can get the best spark plug wire puller for yourself. 

To get a strong coated plier, GEARWINCH can be a perfect choice for you. Again, if you are concerned about price, Lisle 51250 plier features well being less expensive. 

Summing up, select your most favorite Plier from the above and let us know about your experience. 

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