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Top 5 Best Spark Plugs for Mustang V6 [Review Guide] In 2023

Best Spark Plugs For Mustang V6

An efficient quality spark plug is needed for your mustang v6 engine to work smoothly for better engine performance & for improved fuel economy. It helps to pass the electricity to the internal combustion engine chamber from the ignition system.

Best Spark Plugs For Mustang V6

Unfortunately, after a long time of usage, the spark plugs might get bad. If you get the symptoms of a bad spark plug, then you must change it to keep your engine health to its maximum.

In this article, I will discuss the best spark plugs for Mustang V6 for extended energized power and how to choose one effortlessly.

What are the best spark plugs for Mustang V6?

mustang v6 spark plugs

NGK 3403 G-Power Platinum Alloy Spark Plug TR55GP is the best spark plug for mustang v6 with multiple remarkable features. Well, you might be wondering what makes it the best one. The power and quality provided by the NGK make it so much better than others. Moreover, the capability of self-cleaning temperatures ensures durability and better performance.

Additionally, it has G-Power in it & also a high quality spark plug. This G-power makes sure that the acceleration is more significant with a better fuel economy. If you are looking for faster acceleration, longer lifespan, and many other features, this will be the perfect match.

Our Selected Top 5 Best spark plugs for Mustang V6 Reviews in 2022

#1. NGK 3403 G-Power Platinum Alloy Spark Plug TR55GP

NGK 3403 G-Power Platinum Alloy Spark Plug TR55GP

If you are looking for high quality spark plugs with the topmost advantages but within a handy budget, NGK 3403 Plug can be the one for you. Moreover, who wants hassle while installing it? This spark plug takes care of that. Besides being easily installable, it nourishes your mileage by increasing it.

Additionally, the platinum tip and alloy ensure durability. The incredible thing about this spark plug is it has a G-power. A G-power itself handles and ensures that the vehicle performs well with a faster start and so many others. It is again in a minimal budget an excellent spark plug to use.

Key Features

  • Easy installation
  • Gas mileage will increase
  • Lower CO2 emissions


Material: The core material of this spark plug is Platinum. Platinum has a top melting point of as much as 3215°F that helps it work efficiently even in a considerable heating situation.

Fitment: NGK 3403 G-Power Platinum Alloy Spark Plug TR55GP mustang fitment is 1991-2008. If you own a Ford Mustang produced between 1993-1004, then definitely it’s for you.

Gap: This one comes with a gap of 0.06 inches.

Heat range: The spark plug provides you a heat range of 5. So that you don’t need to worry about the heating up of your engine, the spark plug will give perfect ignition even on significant heat.

Center electrode: This spark plug has a center electrode of copper. A copper core center electrode helps to shift heat at high speed.

Metal plating: In this spark plug it has trivalent metal plating, solid metal core. It ensures that the spark remains safe from any sort of anti-corrosion and anti-seizing properties.

Durability:  Everyone needs durable and standard spark plugs. And this spark plug comes up with high durability that gives 30k-40k miles longevity.


  • The NGK 3403 Plug provides you comparatively superior acceleration to others.
  • It’s a budget-friendly spark plug.
  • The 53mm insulator helps to survive the spark plug from overheating.
  • Better fuel economy as it will increase at least 1-2 MPG from your previous one.


  • Sometimes it might misfire after getting old.

#2. Motorcraft SP-520 Spark Plug

Motorcraft SP-520 Spark Plug

If you are looking for any latest products with a multi-rib insulator pr, then Motorcraft SP-520 Spark Plug will be one of the best options for you. While looking for a spark plug, if it gives 100,000-mile services and helps to improve durability, this can make your vehicle smoother and faster.  It makes sure that your vehicle has less firing voltage.

However, the double-platinum feature of this spark plug also ensures a platinum pad on each electrode. Moreover, the heat range 6 t is higher than a regular one. Lastly, Considering the price, it gives a much more efficient job with perfect features.

Key Features

  1. Easy installation
  2. 100,000-mile effortless service
  3. Improved durability


Material: The material of this spark plug is double platinum. Due to being 2-3 times greater than the single platinum increases its value. However, platinum is more rigid than any other metal, so it increases its durability.

Center Electrode: The core material of the center electrode is copper that ensures extreme longevity of the spark plugs.

Fitment:  Motorcraft SP-520 Spark Plug fits 2011-2017 year vehicles.

Gap: Motorcraft SP-520 Spark Plug has a gap of 0.050.

Heat range: The heat range of this spark plug is a bit more than others. It has a heat range of 6.

Durability:  Spark plugs with more extended durability get priority over others automatically. This is why Motorcraft have ensured improved durability of 100,000-mile in their spark plug.


  • Reduces the firing voltage due to being cylindrical in shape.
  • The quality materials assure less erosion.
  • OEM spark plugs are the cheaper & safer.
  • It has a superb multi-rib insulator that ensures there is no leakage occurring.
  • You will be getting good spark plugs at the market’s best rates.


#3. Bosch Automotive 9660 Double Iridium OE Replacement Spark Plug Up

Bosch Automotive 9660 Double Iridium Spark Plug

Who doesn’t want a 4X longer life with their new spark plug? Well, everyone does! And it is only offered by Bosch 9660 spark plugs. It comes with double iridium that ensures a longer lifespan of the spark plug. The ultra-fine wire design firing pin along with ground electrode pin provide better performance.

If you want a high heat range spark plug, then this can be on your top list. Additionally, the higher performance with a quick and straightforward installation of the spark plug seals the deal. Thus along with these and so many other features, it makes it one of the best spark plugs.

Key Features

  • Quick installation
  • Carry out 4X longevity
  • Double iridium


Material: The core material of this spark plug is iridium. Iridium is a more rigid and more robust metal. Along with that, the skill of resistance is magnificent.

Fitment: If you own a mustang between the 1996-2005 model, then you can use it effortlessly.

Gap: Bosch Automotive 9660 Double Iridium comes with a pre-gap of 1 mm.

Heat range:  This double iridium spark plug provides a heat range of 8. It’s a significant number for any spark plugs. If you run your vehicle frequently, it will be an excellent choice for you as it gives the market-top heat range.

Durability:  The spark plug is double iridium, and it should comfortably last for 100k miles. Moreover, it does provide more extended life assurance.

Nickel-Plated: The spark plug has a nickel plate on it. Due to the presence of nickel plates, it ensures that you get a longer lifespan without any erosion.


  • The fuel economy automatically gets improved after inserting the spark plug.
  • Due to the delicate wire design, extraordinary ignitability arrives
  • It has a copper core that lets the heat range be higher; thus, it does not allow any pre-ignition.
  • The voltage demand is less in comparison because of the fine wire firing pan.


  • Sometimes the engine might sound a little rough.

#4. NGK 3951 V Power Spark Plug – TR-55

NGK 3951 V-Power Spark Plug

We all want spark plugs that can raise our fuel economy. Gradually, spark plugs with a solid copper core and nickel tipped on them enhance durability. If you like these features in their spark plug, then the NGK plugs has saved your back with their NGK 3951 V Power plugs.

Key Features

  1. Extraordinary ignitability.
  2. Rises fuel economy & fuel consumption is low.
  3. Longevity upto 30k miles.


Material: The core material of the NGK 3951 V-power spark plug is copper. If you’re on a budget and not a heavy rider, then it’s for you.

Fitment: It fits the Mustang model 1998-2008 year.

Gap: NGK 3951 V-power spark plug has a gap of 1.5 mm.

Heat range: Like any other spark plug, this spark plug also has a good heat range. The heat range of this one is 5.


  • In comparison to other copper plugs, it gives you lower CO2 emissions.
  • Against any sort of electrical and chemical wear, it is extremely durable.
  • NGK 3951 V-power spark plug has a triple gasket sealing which does not let the spark plug have any combustion gas leakage.
  • It has a copper core, which has the ability to eradicate heat.
  • The spark plug has a superb insulator in it, which takes care that there is no misfiring.


  • Sometimes the gap might not just fit perfectly. You might need to adjust it manually.

#5. Motorcraft SP-412 Spark Plug

Motorcraft SP-412 Spark Plug

The Motorcraft brand introduces a spark plug that can provide a greater level of voltage. Not only that, it gives you a service of 100,000 miles. If you want to buy a spark plug that increases the mileage, you should try on this SP-412 model.

Key Features

  • Easily accelerated.
  • Better gas mileage
  • 100,000 miles durability


Material: The core material of the Motorcraft SP-412 Spark Plug is nickel. Even the center electrode has nickel on it.

Fitment: It fits all the Ford Mustangs that are produced between 2002 to 2008.

Gap: This spark plug has a pre-gap of 0.054 inches.

Heat range: Motorcraft SP-412 Spark Plug has a lower range of heat number than others, which is 2. But considering the budget and usage, it would be a perfect one for you.


  • This spark plug carries maximum voltage, which makes it extraordinary from others.
  • It is more durable because it prevents the engine from corrosion.
  • It increases the performance of the engine more than before.
  • This also ensures that there is no antifoul.


  • It has a lower heat range.

5.0 Mustang spark plugs and Buying Guide with comprehensive lists.

iridium spark plugs for v6 mustang

how to change spark plugs mustang v6- Mustang 3.7 V6 Spark Plug Change

Buying guide for spark plugs for Ford mustang v6

Best Spark Plugs For Mustang V6

If you are thinking of getting spark plugs for your Mustang V6, then the first thing you8 should look for is the heat range. The quantity of heat range will show the time of reaching a stable state of your spar plug’s highlighted ignition.

The bigger the number is, the lesser the chance of heating spark plugs. Therefore, when you will see a small heat number it will then refer to a hot spark, whereas a big number will refer to a cold spark.

Though there is no standard scale to determine the heat range, rather every manufacturer uses their scale to determine the heat range of their product.

The lowest number of tagged products will be the hottest, on the contrary, the highest number of tagged products will be the coldest.

So, this should be on your mind while buying spark plugs for your Mustang V6.

When you will be driving buses, cars for school with small loads, hot spark plugs will work great for you. But when you are on a long, intense, and high gear journey, the temperature of your engine will arise which may lead to the glow ignition. If a spark plug is loosened then Combustion gas leaks happen.

Later, your engine will lose all the power. But with a cold spark plug, you won’t have to face these issues at all.

Mustang V6 Spark Plug Gap

The Ford Factory recommended 0.054 thousandths of an inch spark plug gap for the Mustang V6 engine. 

2000 Mustang V6 Spark Plug Gap

A stock 2000 Mustang V6 spark plug is gapped to 0.054 inches and you can easily use a spark plug gap tool for this.

2001 Mustang V6 Spark Plug Gap

2001 Mustang V6 spark plug gap is 0.054 inches and this amount is mentioned on the top of the box. 

2005 Mustang V6 Spark Plug Gap

The gap should be 0.052 inches or 1.1mm in the 2005 Mustang V6 spark plug gap with original platinum equipment in it. 

2006 Mustang V6 Spark Plug Gap

2006 Mustang V6 spark plug gap is 0.052 inches for most of the applications. But it may change according to the type of application. 

2010 Mustang V6 Spark Plug Gap

The Ford Factory recommended a spark plug gap for the 2010 Mustang V6 engine 0.054 inches and you can measure this gap on the spark plug using a gauge gap which is available from any retailer of auto parts. 

2014 Mustang V6 Spark Plug Gap

2014 Mustang V6 spark plug gap is recommended by the Ford Factory is 0.052 inches and all the models after this one also have the same spark plug gap. 

Ford Mustang Spark Plug Removal Tool

Finally, a Ford Mustang spark plug removal tool is designed so that it doesn’t break any spark plug in the first place. There are a few spark plug removal tools that often break the spark plugs while removing them. This may prove costly because then you will need to install a new one.

OTC 6918 Spark Plug Remover Kit

Therefore, buying the right spark plug removal tool is quite an important task to keep your spark plugs safe.

High-quality spark plug removal tools are designed in a way that will prevent the breakage of the spark plugs while removing them.

Apart from that, this spark plug removal tool also can provide the following advantages to the users:

  1. It will pull the porcelain core if you remove the plug hex only.
  2. Detail instructions are given to ensure the highest rate of success.
  3. A unique design will ensure no breakage.
  4. It will lock the plug porcelain core to the hex plug.
  5. Then it will also allow the plug and core to function as a single and powerful unit.

All you need to do is finding the right removal tool for your Ford Mustang so that you can keep your spark plugs safe and secure all the time.

If there is any symptom such as your engine is hesitating or stumbling, then check all your connectors and wiring which can lead to the core of the cylinders like spark plugs. First of all, start with coils and spark plugs.

In the case of some exceptions, the converter catalytic has gone worse. When you smell rotten eggs from the exhaust, then it will refer to that your converter cat requires to be changed. Fuel injectors can also be a problem in some cases. 

How to change spark plugs Mustang V6?

Misfires and random misfires always jump around from cylinder to cylinder which also sets a code of P0300. This cause is often a fuel-lean condition that happens due to a leakage in a vacuum in the unmetered air that gets past the sensor of airflow or in the intake manifold, or an EGR valve that is stuck open. Here is the step-by-step guide to change spark plugs Mustang V6 as follows: 

  1. Unbox the spark plugs Mustang V6 properly
  2. They will be gapped over 0.45 by default from the factory but you need to set the tuner at ProCharger. Our recommendation will be a gap from 0.35 to 0.38 (taking the effects of the blower into account)
  3. If you have an engine cover, then pull one. Do the same with strut tower bars if you have them. Then pick the bolt which is holding the coil down and start pulling
  4. Now push the tab up (the red one) and pull the electrical coil connector off
  5. Tear your first coil from the inside of the boot that is stuck on the plug
  6. Get a 5/8 plug puller out and while pulling it out do that gently. But you have to take care while sticking them back because if you mess with the soft threads of aluminum
  7. Don’t forget to get a dab of anti-seize on the spark plug
  8. To keep the coil boots from sticking, then you need to apply some boot lubrication. Then it will keep your coil boots from getting stacked
  9. Now you have to remove the 7 bolts of the intake manifold from the top
  10. Install 1 bolt for your PCV hose valve
  11. Use the u-shaped puller so that you can get the harness of wire loom connector on the body throttle. You will see another one on the opposite side of the body throttle
  12. Pull the vacuum line near to the firewall location
  13. Pull out the hose of the EGR valve 
  14. Pull the manifold off your car
  15. Now you will have the access to the right bank
  16. Clean off the intake manifold 
  17. Finally, reverse the same procedure to pull them back all together and your spark plug will be replaced.

V6 Mustang Spark Plug Wire Diagram

V6 Mustang Spark Plug Wire Diagram

Source: https://ricksfreeautorepairadvice.com/3-8-v6-ford-firing-order/


#1. Do high-end spark plugs make a difference?

High-end spark plugs are used for high performance and improved engine operation. Installing high-end spark plugs can easily take out any rough idle and make your motor purring like before immediately.

Pulstar high-end spark plugs can provide more power, be more stable, a quicker and faster response of the throttle, and overall a longer-lived engine.

#2. How much are spark plugs for a Mustang GT?

A Ford Mustang GT spark plug replacement cost estimate is around $151 to $180. Labor cost is estimated between $110 and $139 while the parts are priced at $41.

Though this number is not a fixed or standard one as it changes based on the age of your Mustang GT and the number of years spent on the road.

Therefore, when you go to do a replacement, you better should be aware of the model and years to get the right products for replacing the spark plugs on your 5.0 Mustang.

#3. How many spark plugs does a V8 Mustang have?

You can have an inline-four on your V8 Mustang, which can have four cylinders, or a big size V8, which will have eight cylinders. Each cylinder has a piston and its spark plug as well.

Though there is one exception on this which happens to the Hemi that requires two different spark plugs per cylinder. Dodge is the reason behind this because it needs to get extra spark plugs like that to function properly.

So, in most cases, a V8 Mustang has 4 to 8 spark plugs, but only in the case of Hemi does the number get up to 8 to 16 spark plugs.

#4. What spark plugs does Ford use?

There are thousands of spark plugs brands available in the market but only a few of them have the quality to serve engines like Ford.

You can get some Ford and GM engines factory-equipped spark plugs with Bosch to spark plugs, Chrysler engine equipped with the Denso or the NGK spark plugs, Mazda engines equipped with the infamous Motorcraft spark plugs, and so on.

But among all of them, NGK spark plugs are the best fit for Ford use because most of the latest Saturn model engines use the NGK spark plugs.

#5. What are the best spark plugs for horsepower?

Here is the list of the best spark plugs for better horsepower as follows:

  • NGK Iridium IX
  • NGK 3403 G-Power
  • Denso (4504) PK20TT
  • ACDelco 41-962
  • ACDelco 9748RR Wires

#6. Do better spark plugs give more horsepower?

Yes, better spark plugs do give more horsepower in certain situations. But to increase the horsepower, you may have to fulfill some conditions as well.

The theory behind the increasing horsepower of the spark plugs is that when you provide more amount of spark to the tip of the firing of your spark plug, then it will and always does combust more amount of fuel and eventually provide more amount of horsepower as well.

In short, quality spark plugs will give you better horsepower.


I discussed the best spark plugs for mustang v6 along with some astounding advantages. If you want to make your engine like a new one, you should change your spark plug when showing you the bad symptoms.

All of the spark plugs discussed above have unique features. You can buy the one according to your preference.

Source: Internal Combustion Engine Basics by Energy.gov

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