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Subaru Outback Eyesight Turned Off By Itself

Subaru Outback Eyesight Turned Off By Itself

Subaru Outback Eyesight is a driver assistance feature that uses cameras and sensors to help drivers stay safe on the road. 

Firstly, some Subaru models have an auto shutoff function where the system will turn off after 10 minutes of inactivity, which can happen if you’re stopped for more than 10 minutes or when idling at traffic lights.

Secondly, low visibility conditions like foggy weather can cause Outback Eyesight to not work properly as its camera sensor requires good lighting for proper operation. 

If you are experiencing an issue with your Subaru Outback’s Eyesight system turning off by itself, there are a few potential causes and solutions to consider:

  1. Check the camera lens: The Eyesight system uses cameras mounted on either side of the rearview mirror to detect obstacles and lane markings. If the camera lenses are dirty or obstructed, it can cause the system to turn off or malfunction. Try cleaning the lenses with a soft, dry cloth and see if that helps.
  2. Check the fuse: If the Eyesight system is not receiving power, it may not turn on at all or may turn off unexpectedly. Check the fuse box to see if the Eyesight system fuse has blown or is loose. If it is, replace it with a new fuse of the same amperage.
  3. Check the software: Occasionally, software glitches or updates can cause the Eyesight system to turn off or malfunction. Check with your Subaru dealer to see if there are any software updates available for your vehicle’s Eyesight system.
  4. Check for damage: If your vehicle has been in an accident or suffered any damage to the front end, it could affect the performance of the Eyesight system. Have your vehicle inspected by a qualified technician to ensure that all components of the Eyesight system are functioning properly.

What Causes Subaru Outback’s eyesight to turn off by itself?

Some possible causes are:

  1. Obstruction: If there is an object, such as snow or dirt, obstructing the EyeSight cameras, it may cause the system to turn off. Make sure the cameras are clean and clear of any obstructions.
  2. Low visibility: The EyeSight system relies on clear visibility to function properly. If the weather conditions are too foggy or snowy, the system may turn off to avoid false readings.
  3. Electrical issue: There may be an electrical issue with the EyeSight system or the car’s battery. This could cause the system to turn off or malfunction.
  4. Sensor issue: If one of the EyeSight sensors is damaged or malfunctioning, it could cause the system to turn off.
What Causes Subaru Outback's eyesight to turn off by itself

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What is Subaru Outback Eyesight?

Subaru’s EyeSight system is a suite of advanced safety and driver-assist technologies designed to help drivers remain aware of their surroundings. It uses two cameras mounted on either side of the rearview mirror to monitor traffic, detect potential hazards and respond with appropriate warnings or automatic braking.

The system also includes adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and pre-collision throttle management that can reduce engine power in certain situations. 

Subaru Eyesight Versions

Subaru Eyesight is a suite of driver assistance systems developed by Subaru and designed to help keep you safe on the road. This system includes features like Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Pre-Collision Braking, Lane Departure Warning, and more.

The latest version of Eyesight, called X-Mode Vision Assist, adds additional safety features such as Blind Spot Detection with Rear Cross Traffic Alert and Steering Responsive Headlights for improved visibility in low-light conditions.

If you’re looking for an added layer of peace of mind while driving your Subaru vehicle, then consider upgrading to the newest version of Subaru’s Eyesight technology!

Subaru Eyesight Review

The Subaru Eyesight driver-assist system is a game-changer for safety-conscious drivers. It utilizes stereo cameras to detect lane markings, traffic signs, and other vehicles on the road ahead. When activated, Eyesight can help keep your vehicle in its intended lane and maintain a safe distance from the car in front of you.

Additionally, it includes features like pre-collision braking and adaptive cruise control that further enhance safety on the road. All these features make Eyesight one of the most advanced driver assistance systems available today.

Subaru Eyesight Review

Subaru Eyesight Vs Toyota Safety Sense

Subaru Eyesight and Toyota Safety Sense are both advanced safety systems that use cameras, radar, and other sensors to help drivers stay safe on the road.

Subaru Eyesight includes features such as adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, pre-collision braking, and more; while Toyota Safety Sense includes a pre-collision system with pedestrian detection, lane departure alert with steering assist, and dynamic radar cruise control. 

Subaru Eyesight Camera

Subaru’s EyeSight Camera is a cutting-edge driver assistance system that uses two cameras mounted on the windshield to monitor the vehicle’s surroundings while driving. It provides features like adaptive cruise control, lane departure warnings, and pre-collision braking.

With these features, Subaru EyeSight helps make roads safer for everyone by providing drivers with more information and alerts about their environment than ever before.

What is Eyesight on Subaru Outback?

Subaru Outback’s EyeSight is an innovative driver-assist system that utilizes two cameras mounted on the windshield to monitor traffic and alert drivers of potential hazards.

The system can recognize pedestrians, bicyclists, other vehicles, and even objects in the road. It includes features such as pre-collision braking, adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist with lane departure warning, lead vehicle start alert, and more.

EyeSight provides an extra layer of safety for Subaru Outback owners by reducing the potential for accidents or collisions while on the road.

Is Subaru Eyesight Worth It?

Subaru EyeSight is an advanced driver-assistance system that helps to enhance safety on the road. It uses stereo cameras to detect obstacles, recognize lane markings, and provide warnings if a collision is imminent. The system also provides adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, pre-collision braking and sway warning systems.

Each of these features can help reduce the risk of accidents or injuries in the event of an accident. In addition to providing improved safety benefits, Subaru EyeSight offers convenient features such as automatic reverse braking and hands-free operation when changing lanes.

The cost for this technology varies depending on vehicle model but typically ranges from $500-$1,000 which may make it worth considering for drivers who want greater peace of mind while driving their vehicle.

Is Subaru Eyesight Worth It

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What Year Did Outback Get Eyesight?

Outback first introduced its EyeSight driver-assist technology in 2013. This advanced system uses two cameras to help detect potential collisions, lane departures, and other dangers on the road. 

How to Reset Eyesight Subaru

If you want to reset your Eyesight Subaru, the process is relatively easy and straightforward. All you need to do is turn off the engine and wait for at least 10 minutes before restarting it. Once this has been done, press and hold down the Eyesight “OFF” button until a confirmation message appears on your dashboard display.

Subaru Crosstrek Eyesight Turned off by Itself

Subaru’s EyeSight technology is designed to help drivers stay safe, but it can sometimes turn itself off unexpectedly. This can be a frustrating problem for Subaru Crosstrek owners who rely on the Eyesight system for added safety and convenience. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps that you can take in order to fix this issue and get your Eyesight back up and running again.

If you’re having trouble with your Subaru Crosstrek’s Eyesight turning off by itself, try resetting the system or updating its software – these solutions should resolve any technical issues that are preventing your car from working properly.

Subaru Outback Eyesight Warning Light

The Subaru Outback Eyesight Warning Light is an important indicator for the driver and should be taken seriously. This light typically illuminates when there is a malfunction with the advanced safety system, including lane departure warning or pre-collision braking systems. 

Subaru Outback Eyesight Warning Light

Subaru Eyesight off Check Manual

Subaru’s EyeSight safety system is an advanced driver assistance feature that can help you stay safe on the road. However, if you experience an “EyeSight off” check manual warning message while driving your Subaru, it may indicate a problem with one of the sensors in the system. 

Subaru Eyesight off Check Engine

If you have a Subaru equipped with the EyeSight system, it’s important to check for any signs of error or malfunction. If your EyeSight system malfunctions, the Check Engine light will turn on and stay illuminated until the problem is fixed. It’s best to take your car in for service as soon as possible if this happens so that any necessary repairs can be made quickly and safely.

How to Reset Eyesight Subaru Forester

If your Subaru Forester needs a reset of its eyesight system, you can do so by turning off the engine and restarting it. Once the engine is back on, press and hold down both the “DISP” and “SETUP” buttons simultaneously until you hear a beep. Then release the buttons, turn off the ignition again, then turn it back on to complete the reset process.

Subaru Eyesight Disabled No Camera View

Subaru Eyesight technology is designed to provide drivers with advanced safety features and convenience, but for some models, the system can be disabled due to a lack of camera view. When this happens, certain features such as pre-collision braking and lane departure warning will not be available.


What Causes Subaru Eyesight to Turn Off?

Subaru EyeSight is an advanced driver assistance system designed to help drivers stay safe on the road. Unfortunately, it can sometimes turn off due to a variety of issues. Common causes for Subaru EyeSight turning off include problems with the wiring, software issues, and sensor failure.

Additionally, if a collision is detected by the sensors, or if something in your vehicle’s path blocks them (such as snow or debris), then Subaru EyeSight may shut down automatically as a safety precaution. To resolve these issues, you should always consult your car manual and/or take it to your local dealership for maintenance or repair services.

How Do I Turn My Subaru Eyesight Back On?

The process to turn your Subaru EyeSight back on is relatively easy. First, make sure that the ignition switch is in the “OFF” position. Next, press and hold the EyeSight button located on your dashboard for a few seconds until you hear an audible beep signaling that it has been enabled.

How Do You Reset Your Eyesight?

To reset your EyeSight, you will need to first turn off the car. Then, press and hold the EyeSight button (typically located on the steering wheel) for 5 seconds. The system will then be reset and reactivated automatically once the vehicle is started back up again.

It’s important to note that this process may take up to 10 minutes before it is fully functioning again. 

Is Subaru Eyesight Always On?

Yes, Subaru EyeSight is always on. This advanced driver-assist technology works by using an onboard camera system that continuously monitors the road ahead of you to detect potential hazards and respond accordingly to keep you safe.

The camera is mounted behind the rearview mirror and constantly scans for objects in front of your car, detecting lane markings, vehicles, and pedestrians up to 110 yards away.

All Dash Lights are On… Subaru


Overall, this blog post has highlighted the issue with Subaru Outback Eyesight turning off by itself. It appears that there are a few potential causes of this issue including faulty wiring and software glitches. Although it can be inconvenient to have to keep resetting the system, hopefully, these tips help you get your system back up and running again.

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